Northwest Center for Livable Communities

Estimated Amount to be requested from the CSF: $45,000

Letter of Intent:

Gould Hall 448F
3950 University Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105

March 9, 2018

Campus Sustainability Fund
University of Washington Seattle Campus
Seattle, WA 98195

RE: Grant Proposal.

Dear Campus Sustainability Fund:

The Northwest Center for Livable Communities is providing you with this Letter of Intent (LOI) regarding a grant proposal for funding our organization in the current academic year  2017- 2018.  We hope that this effort will be the beginning of a long and productive relationship between the Northwest Center for Livable Communities (NWCLC) and the Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF) here at the University of Washington.    

As we discussed in our recent meeting on February 14, 2018, we are seeking funding to expand the NWCLC’s role at the UW.  During the past  36 years the NWCLC has sought to create a viable platform to connect the UW community with current leaders in the built environment.  The proposed NWCLC speakers’ bureau will highlight local, regional, national and international best practices in sustainable design, construction materials and methods, urban mobility, land use and place making. Currently, the NWCLC is unable to underwrite the cost of a speakers’ bureau which we believe will become financially self-sustaining in the near term. We will be requesting funding from the CSF to launch this exciting new program.

In addition, with funding in hand, the NWCLC will underwrite an annual student led project to be implemented on the UW Seattle campus.  This project will be designed and built by students for students. We anticipate the first project to be designed and built on campus in Fall 2018. 

Organization NWCLC      
Funding Request #1      
Cost Item Monthly Cost One-Time Cost Total Cost
Speaking Program Startup Cost        
Space Costs                       4                       $1,500                          $4,700
Event Staff                       4                              $750                        $3,000                        $3,000
Speaker #1                            $3,000                        $3,000
Speaker  #2                            $3,000                        $3,000
Speaker  #3                            $6,000                        $6,000
Speaker #4                            $6,000                        $6,000
Travel For speakers                       4                          $1,500                        $6,000                        $6,000
Stay for Speakers                       4                              $500                        $2,000                        $2,000
Speaking Equipment Rental                       4                              $200                           $800                           $800
Food and Beverage                        4                     $500                        $2,000                        $2,000
Miscellaneous                         $1,000                        $1,000
Total  Costs                           $37,500
NWCLC & CSF Studio Study        
Studio Development                        $4,000.00
Studio Equipment                                    $500
Feasibility & Outreach                                $1,000
Printing                                $1,000
Miscellaneous                                $1,000
Total Quarterly                              $7,500
Total Costs                           $45,000

Please note that this LOI is not a complete proposal. We intend to deliver a complete proposal to your office by the required May deadline.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Best regards,

Tyler Brittain  

Primary Contact First & Last Name: Edward D. Blum