Row for Climate

Estimated Amount to be requested from the CSF: $1,000

Letter of Intent:

To the CSF Committee,

What would it be like to row across an ocean? Meet Eliza Dawson, a UW undergraduate in Atmospheric Science and an avid adventurer (especially when it involves the water:)

In June 2018 she will row across the Pacific Ocean from California to Hawaii, a distance of 2,400 miles. She will row in a 24 ft long boat with 3 other crew mates from around the world, working with all their might to set a new world record for the fastest crossing, currently set at 50 days. Their boat will be completely human powered, no motor, no sail.

By doing this row, her goal is to bring attention to climate change. Earth is the only planet with a climate known to support life. Our unique planet is precious; meaning it should be of great value, not to be wasted or treated carelessly. Yet our protection is lacking. We need to do more and that is why she is crossing an ocean. She is an atmospheric science major with a focus on climate and am also an avid athlete. As a young climate scientist, she hopes to be a voice for science that makes climate change understandable and inspires societal action. Her blog has more information at

She is currently working to raise a total of $20,000. As of April 3rd, she has raised $4,465. The $1000 from CSF would help to get a boat, get necessary technology and safety equipment, take courses to prepare for the trip, and buy gear and food.


Alexander Urasaki

Primary Contact First & Last Name: Alexander Urasaki