Khmer New Years Show 2019

Estimated Amount to be requested from the CSF: $560

Letter of Intent:

Sustainable Impact:

  1. Reduce waste and consumption (reduce carbon emissions at the point of production)
  2. Engaging the Khmer community and involving the Khmer community both on campus and off campus (incorporation and collaboration with environmental activists)
    1. Start of a ripple- to reconnect our roots with the environment that we have lost
  3. “Venerable Prenz Sa-Ngoun and I have been discussing the idea of exploring environmental issues in the Khmer communities here in the Pacific Northwest. For me, environmental issues includes topics like environmental/public health, social and emotional wellness, connecting to the land and our food, and so much more. Prenz began with teaching the grandmas at his temple about reducing plastic bag use (yay, re-useable bags) and I have been at Mt Baker Village teaching residents about how to sort out their waste properly and reduce how much we are collectively sending to a landfill. Our interests have merged into this idea - សាធុ (Sadhu) for Green - to engage young Khmer people, their families, our community in awareness and action for environmental wellness. My hope is that by approaching "environmentalism" with cultural pride and a justice-oriented lens, we will push the boundaries of the environmental field, and foster healthy homes (inside and outside) for our Khmer community.

Leadership & Student Involvement:

  1. NYS is a student run event that anticipates up to 700 guests
  2. KhSA members and officers make the body of the sustainability committee, and other leadership organizing teams for this event
  3. Student volunteers will assist in food distribution, set up, and educating people on sustainability by guiding proper waste disposal (will have volunteers stationed at trash bins, responsible for refilling water dispensers

Education, Outreach, & Behavior Change:

  1. (see above volunteers)
  2. Raising consciousness and awareness about waste production and how to develop accountability with small steps
  3. Encouraging the use of bringing water bottles to refill at water stations (unlike previous years with water bottles and soda cans) - also healthier with juice alternative

Feasibility, Accountability, & Sustainability:

  1. To start a legacy of sustainable and have that continue in future years
  2. Inspiring sustainable practices among other people
  3. Very easy to implement, just need the funds to purchase equipment

Budget and exact numbers are included in the Excel document, our budget administrator will be emailing his part as well.

Primary Contact First & Last Name: Andrew Chhor
Supplementary Documents: