eBook of the stories and experiences of students of color at UW

Estimated Amount to be requested from the CSF: $1,450

Letter of Intent:

Our project aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals of good health and well-being, quality education, reduced inequalities, and peace, justice, and strong institutions. Mental health is important and is challenging to prioritize when in school, as other responsibilities seem to take precedence. We want to share these stories to uplift students and let them know that they are not alone when they experience challenges or setbacks that impact their education. We want to help students spread positivity, understanding, community, and most importantly, support. In addition, all students are deserving of a quality education and a big part of learning how to cultivate quality for students is to hear from them. Stories are data, and they are key to piecing together the whole picture of how students of color navigate the University of Washington. This can in turn help the University see where and how there is room for improvement. Improvement can then lead to reduced inequalities.

Primary Contact First & Last Name: Erica Mullett