As of Fall 2013, the CSF is adjusting its processes to be more accommodating to small projects that fit the CSF's core criteria but not necessarily its funding cycle timelines. Up to $5,000 will be set aside annually for project proposals up to $1,000, perfect for helping to host events, bring speakers, support prototype construction, etc., at any time during the school year. Small projects are required to submit an Letter of Intent (LOI) only, along with a detailed budget and timeline, and can expect a decision from the CSF committee within two weeks of submission.


  1. Submit a Letter of Intent (LOI)
  2. In the LOI, include a detailed budget and timeline for your project.*
  3. In the LOI, summarize how the project will meet the requirements and preferences of the CSF.

*NOTE: Per its bylaws, the CSF is not able to fund research projects; all projects must contain an actionable component. The CSF will also not specifically fund food and drinks as part of project award budgets, while CSF supports celebratory and recognition events.

Pertinent CSF Bylaw language concerning the Small Projects Process

Section 4.5 - Small Projects Process

  • Projects asking for less than $1,000 are welcome to submit a request through the Small Projects process on a rolling basis throughout the school year. Small Projects must submit a Letter of Intent form to be considered for funding in the Small Projects Process; these projects will be evaluated based on this LOI. Small Project LOIs must contain a detailed budget and timeline. The Committee will review these LOIs and decide within two weeks (barring school holidays or breaks).
    • The Committee will award Small Projects up to a total of $5,000 per year through the Small Projects process. This $5,000 will come from the General Projects fund, and is not a separate fund.
    • The Committee reserves the right to determine that a project submitted through the Small Projects process should be moved to the full proposal process.

Questions about the Small Projects process? Feel free to contact us.