PART 1: Letter of Intent (LOI)

Step 1: Submit Letter Of Intent

NOTE: Per its bylaws, the CSF is not able to fund research projects; all projects must contain an actionable component. The CSF will also not specifically fund food and drinks as part of project award budgets. If you would like to set up a meeting to go over your idea before submitting your LOI - email to schedule a meeting.

LOI includes:
  • Project title
  • Summary of project proposal
  • Brief explanation of how the project will meet the requirements and preferences of the CSF:
    1. Environmental Impact
    2. Student Leadership & Involvement
    3. Education, Outreach, & Behavior Change
    4. Feasibility, Accountability, & Sustainability:
    (more on requirements/preferences can be found here)
  • An estimate of the project’s budget
  • Primary and secondary contact information
Step 2: Committee Approves LOI's
The LOI will be reviewed by the CSF Coordinators before being reviewed by the CSF Committee at the following CSF meeting. If approved, you can submit a full proposal.

PART 2: Full Proposal

Step 1 - Submit Full Proposal

Full Proposal includes: 

  • Executive Summary
  • Funding information; total amount requested, grant or loan status, budget breakdown, and other funding sources
  • Environmental Impact; explaining the environmental problem and how your project impacts will be measured
  • Education and outreach
  • Student involvement
  • Accountability & Feasibility; timeline, project approval forms

NOTE: All projects affecting a campus unit (Facilities Services, Housing and Food Services, etc.) will be required to complete and submit a Project Approval Form. If you have questions about whom to contact within a particular department, please email

Step 2 - Full Proposal Reviewed

  1. Reviewed by CSF Fund Coordinator
  2. Sent to Committee
  3. Committee creates Sub-Committee reports for review at the following Committee Meeting

Step 3 - Preliminary Deliberation

  1. Sub-Committee shares sub-reports
  2. Open discussion on Project Proposal (start with one response from each Sub-Committee, then continue with freestyle open discussion)
  3. Move to vote on whether to:
    1. Ask applicant(s) to come the following week for questions and further discussion
    2. Approve or deny the proposal for the Final Deliberation process
  4. If the applicant(s) have been asked to appear before the Committee, they will have time to discuss their proposal and answer any of the Committee's questions at the next CSF meeting

Step 4 - Final Deliberation

  1. Committee will meet for the Final Deliberation Process where they will deliberate and vote on the approved projects for that quarter.
  2. Once a project has been approved and all required documents have been received, projects will be notified by email from the CSF Coordinator and the awarded funds will be transferred electronically to the budget account provided in the application (please note that a Project Approval Form will be required from the person or campus entity managing this account).

A note regarding funding: If you find that you had not requested sufficient funds to complete your project, you may contact the CSF Coordinator at with a detailed request for additional funds, which will be brought to the Committee for approval.  Conversely, per CSF bylaws, if you find that you will have unused funds remaining at the end of your project, these funds must be restored to the CSF.

A note regarding projects creating or funding student positions:  All positions must comply with University of Washington Department of Human Resources guidelines.  Additionally, you will need to check with the campus department in which the position will be created to ensure that their guidelines are adhered to (including salary, benefits, and hours worked)