The CSF will accept proposal applications three times per Academic Year:

FC1 (Autumn)

FC1 LOI Window / Deadline: May 1 - September 11 

Autumn Full Proposal Deadline: October 15 (Midnight)


FC2 (Winter)

FC2 Winter LOI Window / Deadline: Nov. 1 - Dec. 1 

Winter Full Proposal Deadline: January 15 (Midnight)


FC3 (Spring)

FC3 Spring LOI Window / Deadline: Feb. 1 - Mar. 1 

Spring Full Proposal Deadline: April 15 (Midnight)


Project LOI’s are now being reviewed on a rolling basis and will be reviewed the same quarter that they are submitted so that approved LOI’s may submit a Full Proposal as early as the next quarter.


Small Projects (<$1000)

Rolling deadline. Apply at any time.
Please include in your LOI a detailed budget and timeline.

If you have any questions about LOIs, projects, or the CSF in general, please contact us.