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Executive Summary

In pursuit of menstrual justice, the University of Washington Q Center will purchase and distribute sustainable, eco-friendly menstrual products to 100 UW students in need. The products—reusable cotton underwear liners, reusable cotton pads, and menstrual cups—will be purchased from GladRags as part of the Q Center’s upcoming initiative called Menstruation Station. Led by Graduate Program Coordinator Joie Waxler, the Menstruation Station will provide wraparound services that center the experiences, needs, and desires of bodies that bleed. The initiative aims to undo and mitigate the structures of oppression that impact menstruating bodies with a focus on the needs of queer and trans folks who are often left out of menstruation discourse and care. Distributing free, sustainable menstrual products will re-empower bleeding and alleviate the financial, emotional, and environmental burdens experienced by people who menstruate. Follow the Q Center on Instagram (@uwqcenter) or visit our website ( to stay up to date on Menstruation Station programming and to submit a request for free menstrual products.

Follow us @uwqcenter, and fill out the menstrual product request form at

Primary Contact:
Joie Waxler