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Here at the University of Washington, we are proud of our trees! About 480 different kinds of trees beautify the University of Washington grounds, and while 28 are species native to the Pacific Northwest, the vast majority are exotic in nature. Since before the turn of the century, forestry professors, botanists, gardeners and landscape architects have planted this wide array of trees in order to facilitate both decoration and education. This means that the U.W. provides a fantastic opportunity to observe and appreciate a wide variety of arboreal specimens in a relatively small area (what might be called a Living laboratory). The Brockman memorial Tree Tour is a fantastic way to experience this wide variety of campus trees. The current tour is an online adaptation of the original Brockman Memorial Tree Tour designed by Professor C. Frank Brockman in 1980. Recently renovated by students Theodore Hoss and Thuy Luu of the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences, the newly created website and pamphlets introduce the viewer to the great green realm of a campus renowned for its lovely landscape. This updated Brockman Memorial Tour incorporates 17 new species, including 5 Washington native species never before included. Additionally, 10 trees from the original tour which have since been lost from campus have been replaced with new specimens so that this amazing resource may retain its immense diversity of species. It is the largest campus tree tour of any university on the west coast. In order to improve the benefits of this site still further, the tour update includes a digitization of the "Tree of the Day" display once housed in Anderson Hall, as well as several newly designed tours which include still more of the vast diversity of trees seen on campus. By providing student and community members the chance to better understand their environment, we hope to foster a more sustainable world. May you gain information and inspiration.

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Theodore Hoss