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Executive Summary

The Indonesian Student Association of the University of Washington (ISAUW) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit cultural organization deeply committed to showcasing and celebrating Indonesian culture in the Greater Seattle area, with the overarching vision of becoming the leading Indonesian Student Association in the United States. Since its establishment in 2011, ISAUW has been hosting Keraton, an annual cultural event to promote the unique and diverse Indonesian culture and heritage through different themes.

Over the past decade, Keraton has evolved into the largest Indonesian cultural event on the West Coast and the second-largest in the US, drawing over 16,000 attendees since 2019. This year, under the captivating theme “Indonesian Pasar,” translating to Indonesian traditional market, Keraton promises an immersive journey into the heart of traditional Indonesian markets, featuring authentic cuisine, traditional dance, music, fashion, and art.

Aligned with our mission, ISAUW places a significant emphasis on leadership development and community engagement. The collective efforts of our 44 dedicated members, spanning various roles under the Finance, Communication & Outreach, and Operations team, ensure the success and sustainability of Keraton.

In pursuit of environmental awareness and sustainability, ISAUW has forged a meaningful collaboration with Solar Chapter, a 501(c) organization dedicated to addressing critical environmental challenges in Indonesia and promoting sustainable practices locally. Together, we strive to raise awareness about environmental issues and support initiatives providing clean water to rural areas where resources are scarce. This year, Solar Chapter’s major project “Water for Banuan,” aims to increase the access to clean running water in Desa Banuan in the Insana Fafinesu District of TTU Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Our collaboration with Solar Chapter exemplifies our collective commitment to environmental stewardship and community resilience, ensuring that Keraton remains a model of sustainability and inclusivity. 

Primary Contact:
Jessica Fredlina