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 Active: Post-implementation phase

Executive Summary

The SER-UW Native Plant Nursery is a student-run nursery established in 2013 that grows native species to provide a source of plants for restoration projects for the UW campus and UW students.  The nursery has spent the last year, with money from the CSF grant, expanding and building a new hoop house to house all of our plants.  Currently, we provide native plants to student-run restoration projects like Whitman Walk, Kincaid ravine, and UW restoration classes like ESRM 473.  We are working to also provide native species to UW Grounds Management to increase the native plants grown on campus.  We have two plant sales to the public per year—one in the Spring and one in the Fall—to reach out to the wider community.

This next year, we are increasing our outreach efforts by writing curriculum about native plants and nurseries and teaching classes at our work parties and hosting evening classes that are open to both students and the public.  Through our classes, we hope to reach and help educate more people about the role native plant nurseries play in restoration.  We are also conducting a series of small experiments and researching to help write a management plan for the nursery that will build the foundation for running an efficient and effective native plant nursery that can provide plants to students and on-campus projects. Our goal is to be a sustainable source of native plants as well as provide education opportunities for our community and our campus.

Primary Contact:
Mary-Margaret Greene