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 Active: Planning phase

Executive Summary

This feasibility study for Native Green Roof Sculpture has been developed in order to acquire site analysis and engineering/architectural consultation for the future development of the native plant (waterwise) green roof architectural structure on the UW campus. For this study, I will gather pertinent architectural, ecological and artistic consultation for site/project development and approval. I will be working in collaboration with Landscape Architect Kristine Kenney and with campus art administrator Jaclynn Eckhardt. Sound engineering will also be crucial for the success and safety of this living structure. In regards to this, I will seek consultation and design approval from the Campus Engineering Services as well final legal approval of design from an outside firm. Collaboration and communication, specifically with the School of Art and the College of Built Environment will also be needed in order to represent and market the projects intentions effectively. In regards to this, all pertinent connections will be made in order to complete the final project proposal with design and specs for the September CSF Grant period. Project Description: Native Green roof sculpture will be a large environmentally driven abstract structure, built with sustainable and integral materials and implemented with a water wise native plant green roof. The bold and colorful outdoor structure will be designed so one can actively engage with it from all aspects. Colorful glazed ceramic, molded concrete, salvaged steel and greenery will be used in an open and dimensional fashion. Structural pillars will be sculpted with integrity and add interest to all sides. Walking under the structure one will see an organic ceramic design molded into the underside of the roof. The unique and free design of the green roof will provide invigorating shape, form, plant life, and texture found nowhere else on campus. Indigenous climate adapted plants will be incorporated in the roof top garden and in other unexpected areas of the sculpture. A requirement of only a two-year establishment period of summer watering will ensure that the plants can sustain themselves with no supplemental water post establishment. Sedum, grass, native flowers and other low water plants will be selected in partnership with the Center for Urban Horticulture at the University. A plaque will be incorporated to narrate the green roofs innovation and purpose. As we live in such a digital and formally built world today, this green roof will create a place of relief, providing people with something invigorating, natural and tactile. Walking the line of sculpture, architecture and ecology, this unique living art piece will invite people to see the blended connection that nature, art and education can have in within built environment.

Primary Contact:
Luke Armitstead