52nd Spring Powwow

Estimated Amount to be requested from the CSF: $9,078

Letter of Intent:

First Nations is a Registered Student Organization who aims to promote Indigenous culture through events such as Taking Back the Dinner and the annual UW Spring Powwow. First Nations also advocates for Native students’ interests, needs, and welfare, supplements and complements the formal education of Native students at UW, expresses our collective Native student opinion and interests to the University and community at large on issues affecting Native student life and culture, and implements the American Indian Retention and Recruitment (A.I.R.R.) Program. We are requesting financial support for the 52nd Spring Powwow occurring this academic year.

A powwow is a gathering of Native American, Alaskan Native, and First Nations peoples. Powwow consists of cultural Native American practices such as dancing and singing. People from all tribes and nations are welcome to partake in these cultural practices, and non-natives are welcome to join and watch the performances. Powwows are considered celebrations of culture for Native people. Historically, First Nations hosts our Spring Powwow at the Hec Edmundson Pavilion. It is a tradition we value as our families and communities local to Seattle and Washington had the privilege to attend previous powwows in Hec Edmundson and we desire to celebrate our culture in the same manner. In keeping with the Native American powwow circuit, First Nations hosts our Spring Powwow during the second weekend of April. It is attended by UW students, both Native and non-Native, and Indigenous communities within and outside of Washington State, resulting in over 4,000 attendees. First Nations also invites local organizations led by and committed to Native communities, such as the Urban Indian Health Institute and Urban Native Education Alliance, to share their resources and network within our community. The Spring Powwow is fully organized and supported by UW students and volunteers. This gives our members the opportunity to develop their event planning, coordination, and communication skills.

We are requesting funding to support our remaining event costs, which include but are not limited to: Culinary equipment rentals to prepare cultural concessions ($1,328); transportation expenses ($200); office and communication expenses ($400); materials to prepare our traditional Elder’s Dinner ($4,000); and honoraria for drummers, singers, and other performers who are a major factor in the Powwow’s success ($3,150). Based on the 51st Spring Powwow’s actual budget, and our revised budget to reflect First Nations’ appreciation of performers who attended the 51st Spring Powwow at rates lower than their value to help the event return successfully from pandemic hardships, we estimate our remaining costs at $9,078. Beginning in Winter quarter, First Nations’ Powwow Committee will meet weekly to execute the planning and coordination of the event. This allows us four months to prepare for the event, held during the second weekend of April.

Primary Contact First & Last Name: Annicette Gilliam