Budgeting for Grant Applications

A detailed budget is a crucial component of the full proposal. We've provided some guiding questions and suggestions for you to think about while you draft your budget. 

Typical Budget Line-items

Sources of funds

·      Grant being applied for
·      Grants from other agencies (awarded and or in pursuit)
·      Potential sales revenue / other earnings
·      In kind support
·      Cost Savings (expect to be asked to give some back)

Use of Funds

·      Staff / salaried
·      Students / hourly
·      Students / GSA (Must be previously discussed with CSF Coordinator)
·      Salary overhead
·      Salary Load Rate at UW - https://finance.uw.edu/fr/fringe-benefit-load-rate

Other Cost Categories:

  • Other per-employee costs (computers, uniforms, etc.)
  • Costs from outside consultants - extramural - the funds leave UW
  • Costs from internal cost centers - intramural - the funds stay within UW
  • Equipment (things you'll still have after the funded period)
  • Supplies (things that will get used up)
  • Sales Tax
  • Travel
  • Recognition events and food (special requirements at UW)
  • Internal Overhead on revenue
  • Contingency (unexpected costs up to 10% of total budget)

Projects should demonstrate required budget / accounting support by outlining this team role in the Feasibility, Accountability, and Sustainability of their Proposal.