2019 Global Leadership Summit

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Come participate in discussions and workshops designed to help you find the perfect avenue to enact responsible and sustainable change in your career. This summit allows you to follow your own interests in making the world a better place, and to listen to and engage with professionals making a positive change in our world.

Taiko Kai Spring Concert

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Taiko Kai's third annual Spring Concert will provide a space to celebrate Japanese culture and the achievements of the club members throughout the year. The show will be two hours in duration, featuring drumming, dancing, bamboo flute, and guest performances from local groups! Hanwoollim from UW, Hidaka Taiko from Seattle University, and Dekoboko Taiko from the Seattle area will accompany Taiko Kai on-stage to showcase each group's unique energy. Taiko Kai will also be using this concert to spread awareness of sustainable practices.


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The mission of Presence is to provide a space and community that supports student's individual practices of mindfulness and meditation. Through readings, exercises, meditation practices and more, we hope to inspire students to slow down and tap into the present moment. The core pillar of Presence is community. We encourage students to come together, be vulnerable, and support each other both in their practices and their personal challenges in life. We want students to radiate with presence and peace.

Matsuri 2019

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Matsuri, which means "festival" in Japanese, is the Japanese Student Association's annual event where we showcase the diversity of Japanese culture with Japanese food, games, and performances. We have put on this event for more than 10 years, offering a place where the greater Seattle community can connect with each other through the rich culture of Japan.  Along with the many foods that we sell, we create a lot of waste in the form of plates, utensils, napkins, and water bottles, among others.

Habitat Snags Outreach: Increasing the Urban Forest Health on Campus

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The University of Washington has been creating more and more snags out of fallen trees in the past year. Adding snags (standing dead trees) to the landscape adds a substantial amount of ecological benefits. Snags (dead wood) provides new life to habitat. They provide food for many wood boring insects and mammals such as ants, beetles, and woodpeckers. The cavities within this dead wood make great nesting habitat and living quarters for woodpeckers, red squirrels and many other species of birds, bats and insects.

Reusable Containers in Dining Halls

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Through implementing reusable containers within the Housing & Food Services Dining Facilities, we will leave a lasting impact on the University of Washington community by reducing food waste and decreasing disposable container usage, overall lessening the University’s input into the waste stream. This program has the potential to encourage healthier eating habits among students and create a new relationship between them and sustainability.

Sensol Systems: Phase 1

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This project draws on interdisciplinary expertise and creativity in developing luminaire speed bumps powered by solar energy to sustainably and innovatively improve safety at the University of Washington (UW) Seattle Campus. Ultimately, we want to implement the highest performing prototype to the most trafficked, least illuminated paths on campus to keep students, faculty, and staff safe.

Native Greenroof Sculpture

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This feasibility study for Native Green Roof Sculpture has been developed in order to acquire site analysis and engineering/architectural consultation for the future development of the native plant (waterwise) green roof architectural structure on the UW campus. For this study, I will gather pertinent architectural, ecological and artistic consultation for site/project development and approval. I will be working in collaboration with Landscape Architect Kristine Kenney and with campus art administrator Jaclynn Eckhardt.

Native Gardens at UW Farm

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The proposed project will be a collaboration between the UW Farm and the Intellectual House as well as other Native American groups on campus and in the community as we work together to design and plant two gardens of indigenous plants with significance in native food traditions.Food Sovereignty is defined as “the inherent right of a community to identify their own food system”. As one step towards food sovereignty for the UW community, we hope to help create spaces where students, staff, faculty, and community members can learn about, grow, and consume traditional foods.