UW-APL Clean Propulsion

Amount Awarded: 

The UW Applied Physics Laboratory is asking the Campus Sustainability Fund for $28,350 to purchase an electric propulsion system from PureWaterCraft and hydraulic steering controls. Funds from this grant will be used to bring a new technology into the UW Applied Physics Laboratory which we could not do without being awarded a grant or contract specifically requiring it. Optionally, a system supporting smaller hulls could be purchased for $19850 if the committee prefers.

3D Bin Displays

Amount Awarded: 

EcoReps' new 3D bins displays with physical items instructing people how to sort their trash, recycling, and compost – in the Husky Union Building (HUB)’s food court, the Husky Den. These 3D bins should help UW divert waste from landfills, educate and engage the student body about the waste disposal process and it’s impacts, and ease the burden of maintaining the previous bin displays.  

Eat Local Seattle Food Fair

Amount Awarded: 

The Supplier Diversity Program at UW is a registered student organization that promotes the use of local, minority, women, and LGBTQ owned companies around the greater Seattle area. Eat Local Seattle Food Fair is just one of the many outreach projects that we are working on, in order to encourage the UW community to utilize these companies. We will be inviting vendors from across the community to come on to campus to sell their goods, and be further exposed to the UW community.


Amount Awarded: 

TEDxUofW is a 100% student run RSO that hosts a yearly "TEDxUofW Conference" where speakers from the UW and Seattle community come to share their stories and experiences to an audience. Speakers range from UW students, to professors, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and innovative thinkers of the Seattle Community. In addition to speaking, we also have experience parlors, discussions, and a full day experience for all attendees.

Keraton 2019

Amount Awarded: 

Keraton is one of the largest Indonesian cultural events in the West Coast. Over the past few years, Keraton has been ISAUW’s biggest and fastest growing annual event that attracted over 8,000 people in 2017. This year, we are expecting 10,000 individuals.

Funding preferences

Funding allowable uses

  • Funds can be used to compensate students and non-faculty staff for their time according to applicable Workday requirements and state/federal rules.
    • CSF prefers to fund time and labor expended by UW students working on CSF projects where and when that funding supports the creation of a formal internship under a Faculty member and/or Campus Unit.

Applicant eligibility

The applicant must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • UW Seattle Faculty working with UW Students. 
  • UW Seattle Staff working with UW Students. 
  • UW Seattle registered student with official UW academic or administrative department sponsor or Registered Student Organization with an established budget number who can administer the awarded funds
  • UW Seattle Registered Student Organization (student groups of five or more may register as an RSO)

Vocal Theater Works Principal Production: Hydrogen Jukebox

Amount Awarded: 

Within the School of Music, students of the Vocal Performance department are studying and performing Phillip Glass’ modern opera Hydrogen Jukebox in April 2019. This music theatre piece features a setting of Allen Ginsberg’s poetry, and presents issues of social and environmental justice and sustainability that America has grappled with in recent decades. Hydrogen Jukebox treats themes of environmental degradation, social injustice, and war.

Africa Now 2019 Conference

Amount Awarded: 

It is no secret that for over 500 years, the wealthy continent of Africa has been and continues to be exploited - both for its resources and its peoples. However, with the boom of communication and information technology in recent years, African voices have begun to spread around the globe, and we have learned that despite the revolutionary conflicts of the mid-20th century, African nation states remain under the influence of imperial powers.