Project IF - Phase II

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Project Indoor Farm (Project IF) is an organization run by students and community members aiming to create a more sustainable campus food system through urban indoor farming. 

We envision three phases of operation for Project IF:

Phase I: Feasibility study (completed in December 2019)

Phase II: Full operation on the University of Washington campus (2020 and on)

Phase III: Transfer the successful experience to other suitable organizations (2022 and on)

No-Till Soil Health and Weed Management Toolkit

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The UW Farm will use this grant to purchase innovative new tools that will allow us to build soil health and sequester carbon in the soil for the long-term. Scientists and farmers have demonstrated that the long-term effects of agricultural tillage, or soil disturbance, can be devastating for soils. We will use these tools to reduce the amount of tillage that we do on the UW Farm, improve our efficiency, and create healthy, sustainable, production systems.

  • Instagram: @uwfarm
  • Facebook: UW Farm

Heron Haven Restoration

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Home to the largest Douglas-fir on campus and an imperiled heron rookery, Heron Haven has the profound potential to become a thriving, biologically-rich greenspace that students, faculty, and staff can engage with. If ‘empty’ spaces on the UW campus were looked at through the lens of an ecologist, many would be identified as ecologically unhealthy and in need of remediation. Heron Haven is currently one of these unhealthy spaces. Though the site beautifully frames a view of Mt.

Fall event: Celebrating Diversity in Sustainable Food Systems

Celebrating Diversity in Sustainable Food Systems

In partnership with the Student Food Cooperative (SFC) and many other student groups, the CSF is excited to announce our Fall event: "Celebrating Diversity in Sustainable Food Systems." Both the SFC and the CSF are committed to working toward intersectional sustainability here on campus, which will be reflected in this event. This is intended to be a welcoming and empowering space where diversity is valued and represented through many different cuisines with food sourced from local farms. 

BIOSWALE UW: San Juan Basin Regional Green Stormwater Infrastructure Facility

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In the first phase of BIOSWALE UW, the student-led team will support and engage with the piloting of a regional green stormwater treatment approach being conducted through the design and construction of the San Juan Basin Green Stormwater Infrastructure Regional Treatment Facility (SJB-GSI) in conjunction with the new Health Sciences Education Building (HSEB) in south campus. Through CSF funding, BIOSWALE UW will contribute a portion of the material costs of the SJB GSI.

Preserving Natya UW

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Natya UW is the University of Washington’s premier Indian Classical Dance team that strives to showcase the beautiful art form to a wide range of audiences. As members of the Indian Classical Dance circuit, we have opportunities every year to compete against Indian Classical Dance teams from other universities around the country. At these competitions, each team showcases a dance that communicates a story and/or overall theme about humanity.

Carbon-Labeling Initiative

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This project is beginning a carbon-labeling initiative at the University of Washington which would bring awareness to the campus community about the environmental impacts associated with the food agriculture business and allow for people to make more environmentally conscious decisions with their food consumption habits. We are doing this by displaying informative posters on campus food stores and dining halls with an estimated amount of CO2 emissions and water intake it takes to produce particular food products.

Hiring: CSF Project Development Position

Start Date: Late June / Early July

Available for: Undergraduate / Graduate

Compensation: $16.00 - $21.00 per hour DOE

Hours/Times: 17-19.5 hours / week during academic year. 15-19.5 hours / week summer.

Deadline to Apply: June 15th, 2019 or until filled.

Position Duration: Academic year 2019-2020. Possible extension at discretion of Supervisor (discussed based on performance in spring quarter 2020).