Eat Local Food Fair

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Eat Local is an outdoor food fair, featuring 5 to 10 small and minority-owned restaurants from the Greater Seattle area. To successfully promote our event throughout campus, we hired a student designer to design an aesthetic infographic that represented and emphasized the purpose of our event and used it on flyers, Instagram, and banners. Additionally, we created a pamphlet that included brief information about each of the vendors and their contact information, in hopes of producing an appealing brand image to students and attracting potential customers.

CSF Spotlight 7 Interview with UW Sustainability Director, Claudia Frere-Anderson

On this episode of the CSF Spotlight, we are joined by UW Sustainability director, Claudia Frere-Anderson. Claudia joined the University of Washington in 2009 and she has led huge Sustainability efforts since then, working as a pioneer of sustainability. Listen to learn about University of Washington's history in sustainability advancements and the critical role Claudia played in it, and to hear about her successes in the sustainability space.

Chin-Wei Chen ( He/Him)

DA GE HOU!My name is Chin-Wei from Taipei, Taiwan. I have a diverse academic background and I am a second-year Ph.D. student in Urban Planning and Design, focusing on climate change, resilience, and infrastructure planning. I believe that development and damage intertwine. Only through the integration of social science and natural science could be possible to develop feasible solutions adapting to climate change. I am looking forward to participating sustainable development and climate actions at UW.

Nat Chiu (She/Her)

Born and raised in Argentina by Taiwanese parents, I later studied abroad in Japan. In Japan and Taiwan, I was able to witness the sustainability practices and wanted to learn more about it! Thus as a member of the CSF committee, I want to see and support sustainability innovations being brought into campus.

Esha Gollapalli (She/Her)

I have always been really interested in environmental activism, veganism, and living sustainably, making CSF a great match for me! Coming from a place with little emphasis on cultural heritage, I also love learning more about intersectional sustainability and how it relates to me and my family. Being on the committee feels empowering to know how passionate the community and other students feel about topics such as climate justice or spreading more environmental awareness. I love hearing other people sharing similar interests and passions about sustainability.

Alice Mar-Abe ( She/Her)

I am a first-year MPA student at the Evans School, where I am focusing my studies on the intersection of budgeting, public finance, and social justice. I came to sustainability work by way of local community organizing: I organize for climate justice with 350 Seattle, for prison and police abolition with groups including Defend the Defund, and for efforts that combine climate justice and racial justice, like Seattle's Solidarity Budget.

Daaniya Iyaz ( She/Her)

As a UW student for both her graduate and undergraduate degree, supporting student-led projects and sustainability on campus is important for Daaniya, especially since she has been exposed to so much creativity and innovation through her peers across multiple departments. Through her master’s degree in Environmental Health and her role in the CSF, she is excited about working on this committee to help foster solutions based in social and environmental justice for disadvantaged communities as well as for future generations.