Eat Local Food Fair

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Eat Local is an outdoor food fair, featuring 5 to 10 small and minority-owned restaurants from the Greater Seattle area. To successfully promote our event throughout campus, we hired a student designer to design an aesthetic infographic that represented and emphasized the purpose of our event and used it on flyers, Instagram, and banners. Additionally, we created a pamphlet that included brief information about each of the vendors and their contact information, in hopes of producing an appealing brand image to students and attracting potential customers.

CSF Spotlight 7 Interview with UW Sustainability Director, Claudia Frere-Anderson

On this episode of the CSF Spotlight, we are joined by UW Sustainability director, Claudia Frere-Anderson. Claudia joined the University of Washington in 2009 and she has led huge Sustainability efforts since then, working as a pioneer of sustainability. Listen to learn about University of Washington's history in sustainability advancements and the critical role Claudia played in it, and to hear about her successes in the sustainability space.

Boyang 'Boe' Zhou (He/Him)

Boe Zhou is pursuing a double degree in Computer Science and Environmental Studies at UW. He is enthusiastic about utilizing AI and data to create impartial and accessible solutions for environmental and societal challenges. Boe perceives CSF as the central hub for student engagement in all things sustainability, serving as the catalyst for building a resilient UW community.

Committee meetings

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