Kym Foley ( She/Her)

GPSS Represenative,Committee Chair
Second year , Master of Urban Planning & Design

Kym is a city-kid-turned-nature-nerd with experience in ecological restoration, trail design and construction, environmental education, volunteer management and strategic planning. In Fall of 2018, she began the Urban Planning & Design master’s program at the UW College of Built Environments, seeking opportunities to work at the intersection of ecosystem health, environmental justice, and community development. She is passionate about grassroots, ground-up grantmaking programs that, like the CSF, empower communities to make the changes they deem necessary to improve various aspects of sustainability in their lives and on our campus. She also works for Trees for Seattle, the City’s urban forestry program, where she focuses on community engagement and climate resilience. As time allows, she's typically found wandering Pacific northwest mountains and forests looking at plants and birds, exploring Seattle's music scene, and hanging around campfires with chosen family.

Lianna Rzajeva ( She/Her)

ASUW Representative
Junior , Environmental Studies
Alpharetta, GA

My passion in promoting the integrity and well-being of the environment and the values I have for people-led projects has led me to my involvement with the CSF at UW. I see CSF as a great opportunity for students from all backgrounds to come together and develop programs that promote greater unity, safety, and sustainable practices on campus. I value the position I have on this committee, and hope to utilize this opportunity in advocating for stronger, meaningful interactions between the student body and our surrounding environment. Other than CSF, you can find me exploring a good book, playing frisbee, or working with a disposable camera.

Michael Diamond ( He/Him)

GPSS Representative
Fifth Year , Atmospheric Sciences/Program on Climate Change

Michael is a PhD student in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences studying how clouds affect and are affected by global environment changes. His academic work is primarily focused on the science behind these environmental challenges, rather than what to do about them, so his participation on the Campus Sustainability Fund Committee is important to him as an opportunity to look at promising solutions and play a role in implementing them on campus.

Carolina Recart ( She/Her)

Environmental Stewardship Committee Representative
Second year PHD , Ph.D. Civil & Environmental Engineering
Concepcion, Chile

I have a bachelor’s degree in architecture and a master’s degree in construction. I’m currently in the second year of my Ph.D. working with low-income housing and healthy retrofit interventions to improve the quality of life of vulnerable populations in Washington State. I joined as a representative to the CSF because I believe that initiatives to promote environment conservation and protection are possible to achieve from a local scale, especially if we are in an educational environment where the impacts can go beyond campus. I feel the Environmental Stewardship Committee will be an amazing opportunity to collaborate with the future challenges to stimulate green sustainability practices across the campus, and hopefully expand this experience far beyond my educational life.

Hadi Nazirool Bin Yusri ( They/Them)

Student Advisory Board (OMAD) Representative
Freshman , Statistics; Gender, Race and Sexuality studies
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I am an international student. I am the only one among my family members who pursue a degree outside Malaysia. I am really into travel and exploring Seattle because I am new to the States. I join CSF through my first involvement with the Student Advisory Board as the new Director of Public and Community Relations. Being a part of CSF is very crucial for me as I will know a lot of relations between the on-campus events and their impacts on sustainability. I am also looking forward to seeing a lot of proposals that will be presented from various groups on campus because those proposals indicate how unique and interesting people can do to expose the importance of sustainability in their events. I am so excited to build more connections with new people in CSF and learn a lot from them.

David Frantz ( He/Him)

ASUW Representative
Junior , Geography, Communications, Spanish
Oley, Pennsylvania

I love being a part of the CSF Committee because I feel connected to all the amazing work being done across the University of Washington. From hearing about powerful social and cultural initiatives to learning about next-generation technologies being developed by my own peers, I really enjoy feeling like I'm a part of big, successful changes happening right here at UW. All of these dynamic, impactful projects are for the greater good of our community and our planet, and I'm honored to be apart of this group.

Baljinnyam Tovuudorj (He/Him)

ASUW Representative
Senior , Environmental Studies, Program on the Environment
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

I believe that community engagement and advocacy is one of the best ways to fight climate change. As a committee member at CSF, I hope to involve diverse groups of students on campus in sustainability efforts. I am looking forward to seeing the exciting projects come to life and change our campus for the better. This really is a great and risk free opportunity to learn about the process of applying for a grant and carrying out a fully funded project. I hope to assist students in this process because I want to see this happen just as much as the applicants.