CSF Organizational Chart: The governance structure of the CSF influences both its organizational decision-making and strategic planning processes. The governing members consist of students, faculty, and staff that are appointed by various entities from throughout campus. This governing body works parallel to the CSF staff, which helps to advise the Committee and carry out operational and administrative functions of the organization. The Committee structure was established in 2010 with some modifications made in the past 2 years. Voting members decide on the CSF’s annual budget which is broken out into 3 main categories: operations, overhead (includes marketing), and projects.

David Frantz (He/Him)

ASUW Represenative,Committee Chair

Fourth year , Bachelors in Geography and Communication
Oley, PA

I am so grateful to be able to serve as the Chair of the CSF Committee this year - it feels like a culmination of great learning and relationship building over my past two years on the Committee. As someone interested in earth-focused development and enacting sustainable living in real time, it's so exciting to be involved in an organization like the CSF. I love that we're able to constantly observe growth, change, and innovation happening right here at UW, and it's an honor to be a part of the future. I look forward to all the work we're going to accomplish together.

Lianna Rzajeva (She/Her)

ASUW Representative

Senior , Environmental Studies
Alpharetta, GA

Being apart of the CSF has been an opportunity to explore the depths in which UW students have taken to make differences within our communities around campus. As a member of their voting committee, I welcome creativity from all backgrounds and enjoy working alongside applicants in getting their projects in motion. Many of my focuses surround environmental policy and built environments, but outside of school I enjoy reading, thrifting, and having picnics.

Daaniya Iyaz (she/her)

GPSS Representative

First Year , Masters in Environmental Health
Sammamish, WA

Daaniya’s interest in the environment began in high school, but she became passionate about campus sustainability and how climate issues disproportionately affect lower socioeconomic classes as well as communities of colour whilst in college. As Daaniya begins her graduate degree in Environmental Health, she is excited about working with CSF to help foster solutions based in environmental and social justice and to provide a voice for her local UW community!

Carolina Recart ( She/Her)

Environmental Stewardship Committee Representative

Third year PHD , Ph.D. Civil & Environmental Engineering
Concepcion, Chile

My name is Carolina Recart, from Concepcion, Chile. I have a bachelor’s degree in architecture and a master’s degree in construction. I’m currently in the third year of my Ph.D. working with low-income housing and healthy retrofit interventions to improve the quality of life of vulnerable populations in Washington State.

Hadi Nazirool Bin Yusri ( He/Him)

Student Advisory Board (OMAD) Representative

Sophomore , Statistics; Dance; Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies (GWSS)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Joining CSF for the second year is definitely a precious opportunity for me to simply keep learning, especially within the major changes happening by the global pandemic and the racial injustice issues, which had switched lots of views to the visions of CSF. I believe that representing the ECC community and knowing their demands will broaden the prospects included in the context of sustainability to help the general public to understand the importance of advocacy within various sizes of groups. Regardless of the transition to go virtual, I am super excited to see upcoming projects that are about to raise the needs of actions for a greater environment and society.

Chin-Wei Chen ( He/ Him)

GPSS Representative

Ph.D. , Urban Design and Planning
Taipei, Taiwan

DA GE HOU!My name is Chin-Wei and I come from Taipei, Taiwan. I have a diverse academic background and I am a Ph.D. student in Urban Planning and Design program focusing on climate governance and community-based adaptation. I believe that development and damage intertwine. Only through the integration of social science and natural science could be possible to develop feasible solutions adapting to climate change. Although this is my first year in CSF, I am looking forward to participating sustainable development and climate actions in UW.

Jenna Truong

ASUW Representative

Senior , Environmental Studies, Program on the Environment
Spokane Valley, WA

I have come to realize how exciting and impactful being a part of a student-led project can be after assisting in the leadership of a CSF funded project my junior year. The sense of fulfillment and joy in completing a project you're passionate about is truly unparalleled. By being a part of the Campus Sustainability Fund Committee, I hope to ensure students can access what they need to continue to advocate, educate, and connect through sustainability all the while bettering our campus and community. I am so excited to see all the grand ideas my peers have for justice, community, and the planet and to meet and engage with our future change-makers and planet-fixers.