The CSF staff is a sustainability-minded group of undergraduate and graduate students here to help you with your project or project idea, whatever it may be.

Danny Arguetty (He/Him)

CSF Program Director
Professional Staff Member ,
Tel-Aviv, Israel

For me, sustainability is a pause, a remembrance of the inner and outer wisdom that calls us to take action. It's about getting back on a path aligned with nature's intelligence, and acknowledging that BIPOC communities and Indigenous wisdom have been excluded from this conversation and not honored for their efforts and insights for far too long. I am deeply inspired by the Just Transition framework, the practices of Intersectional Sustainability, 10 Principles of Disability Justice, and the Principles of Emergent Strategy. Now is the moment to bring about concrete, meaningful change by nurturing sacred connections and actively supporting communities of color!

I am super excited to return to the UW (formally serving as the Mindfulness Manager at UW Recreation) and to support the CSF's mission to amplify student voices and ingenuity around justice-centered sustainability and in addressing the climate emergency. My guiding principles center around the awe and intelligence of nature, recognizing and working with the limiting and negative facets of my mind, honoring that I am perfect but always growing into more, acknowledging the immense and beautiful power of community, celebrating abundance with gratitude, and employing compassion and love as key tools on this human journey.

In his free time, Danny can be found hiking, biking, swimming, game nights, social dancing, volunteering on urban farms, snowshoeing in the winter, and continuing to learn. He loves walks picking up trash with his pickup stick, game nights, and dips in the lake during summer. 

Tatiana Brown (She/Her)

CSF Associate Program Director
3rd Year Masters , MPA/MPH
Vienna, VA

Tatiana (she/hers) is the Associate Program Director for the Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF) here at UW-Seattle. She leads our day-to-day operations, strategic visioning, and student committees (e.g., CSF Committee and Student Energy Task Force). Tatiana works closely with the Program Director on managing our long-term partnerships and capacity building to bring more opportunities for you all the engage with justice-centered sustainability! At the Evans School of Public Policy, Tatiana focuses on social and economic policy – exploring the connections between creating sustainable societies and regenerative economies. At the School of Public Health, Tatiana concentrates in Health Systems and Policy to better understand how social determinants of health (e.g., wealth, policy, built environment, racism, etc.) impact our health outcomes on the community and population levels. Overall, Tatiana approaches sustainability as a solution for inequity and injustice. She carries theories like Just Transition and Political Determinants of Health into her work – to achieve justice, sovereignty, and sustainability, we must prioritize relationships, practice reciprocity, strive for deep democracy, and invest in the power of communities of color.

These past two years, she has greatly enjoyed deepening connections with the UW community to further shift the perception of sustainability away from the traditional, white-centric narrative into an intersectional collaboration for a just future. This year, she is most looking forward to growing the CSF’s Intersectional Sustainability Initiative – on the docket are putting together a BIPOC student collective to reclaim our role in the environmental/sustainability movement and working with the UW Sustainability Office to amplify student voices in university-wide decisions related to sustainability.

Outside of her studies, Tatiana enjoys spending time with friends, exploring the city, cooking and trying new restaurants, and getting outside!

Boyang 'Boe' Zhou (He/Him)

CSF Grant and Project Coordinator
Senior , Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Environmental Studies
Nanjing, China

Boe Zhou is pursuing a double degree in Computer Science and Environmental Studies at UW. He is enthusiastic about utilizing AI and data to create impartial and accessible solutions for environmental and societal challenges. Boe perceives CSF as the central hub for student engagement in all things sustainability, serving as the catalyst for building a resilient UW community. As the Grant and Project Coordinator, Boe assists prospective project teams in navigating the grant application process and supports active project teams through check-in meetings, partnership building, and resource sharing. Additionally, Boe is responsible for collecting and analyzing project metrics to evaluate student engagement and impact.

Previously at UW, Boe worked as an undergraduate researcher at the UW Reality Lab and Climate Risk Lab, where he explored innovative approaches to sustainable healthcare and data transparency. Boe has also been involved in ASUW and has held roles in various committees advocating for the student body.

In Boe's free time, he enjoys developing games for VR, climbing, and biking around the Burke-Gilman Trail.

Kort Maeda profile picture

Kort Maeda (She/Her)

CSF Outreach and Education Coordinator
Senior , Bachelor’s in Visual Communication Design and Environmental Studies
Irvine, CA

Kort is pursuing a double degree in Visual Communication Design and Environmental Studies with a minor in Urban Ecological Design. She is interested in how creativity and storytelling can center BIPOC narratives within justice-centered work. Kort is passionate about equity in outdoor spaces, decolonizing sustainability narratives, and community organizing. As the CSF Outreach and Education Coordinator, Kort focuses on building community and engaging in conversations about intersectional sustainability in non-traditional environmental spheres. This past year, she collaborated with the team to publish the CSF Resource Guide, an introduction to intersectional sustainability for students, and first volume of the CSF zine. Kort is excited to continue engaging in community at the UW and amplifying groups working to redefine the sustainability narrative on campus away from traditional environmentalism. This year, she hopes to to continue creating spaces for conversations through expanding educational outreach and creating the second volume of the CSF zine. 

On slow days and when the sun is out, she enjoys rock climbing, mountain biking, experimenting with film photography, and making all kinds of art.