The CSF staff is a sustainability-minded group of undergraduate and graduate students here to help you with your project or project idea, whatever it may be.

Kyle Mcdermott (He/Him)

CSF Program Manager
1st Year PhD , Sustainable Systems & Prototypes, College of Built Environment
Tucson, AZ

Hello! I oversee the CSF, its student staff, University partnerships, strategic direction, and fiscal processes. I have a diverse background, working in fields ranging from Information Technology, journalism, youth education, to soil and plant sciences and research. These experiences shape my approach to sustainability and the importance of making connections across disciplines.

I completed my master’s degree at UW in 2019, writing a 78-page report on the recent organizational development and strategic planning efforts by the CSF staff and Committee. I am now a PhD in the UW’s College of Built Environment and manage the CSF in a full-time capacity. When not thinking about ways to improve the CSF, I spend my time bicycle touring, cooking, and experimenting with manual photography techniques.

Rasheena Fountain ( She/Her)

Diversity Equity and Inclusion Coordinator
MA/PhD , English
Chicago, Illinois

Rasheena Fountain is a writer and educator from Chicago, Illinois. As a second year MFA student at the University of Washington, she is working on an essay collection about land connections, Blackness, environmental justice, and nature. She has years of teaching experience at the community college level, has worked in student services in higher education, and has experience in environmental nonprofits. She was awarded the Richard Dunn First Year Teaching Award from the University of Washington Seattle for her Writing on Environment themed English course for the Fall 2019-2020 academic year. Rasheena is also a former Walker Communications Editorial Fellow with the National Audubon Society and an Illinois Community College Journalism Association Award recipient. She received her MA. Ed. in Urban Environmental Education from Antioch University Seattle, and B.A. in Rhetoric from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Starting Fall 2021, Rasheena will be a student in University of Washington’s English MA/PhD program in the literature and culture track, where she will continue her interdisciplinary studies.    

Fotima Ibrokhim (She/Her)

CSF Outreach Coordinator
Senior , Food Systems, Nutrition, and Health. Comparative History of Ideas
Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Here at the CSF we believe in intersectional and equitable sustainability. My job is to help you get connected with campus-wide sustainability projects and help you develop your own individual projects. On a larger scale, I also work to facilitate and foster interdisciplinary relationships on a departmental level, as well as that of the individual. The great potential for overlap and collaboration in our campus community is amazing and has already led to many incredible, innovative projects campus-wide. Please reach out to me with any questions, whether its about applying and or volunteering. Everyone is welcome to hold space in the sustainability movement !

Besides being the outreach coordinator, other things I do for fun is cook plant-based food, dance, and practice selfcare. My latest hobbies include pickling, kimchi making, knitting, and exploring my own culture's cusine. 

Yahia Ali (He/Him)

Project Development Specialist
Junior , Environmental Engineering
Mason, OH

Hey, I’m Yahia! As the CSF's Project Development Specialist, my job is to help make your sustainable ideas come to life. I help by personally guiding your project team through the grant writing process and by staying connected after you receive funding by connecting you and your team to the amazing resources and people at the UW. If you have an idea that you think can make the UW a more sustainable and environmentally conscious university, or you want to get involved with an existing sustainability project, send me an email so that we can talk more about your sustainability goals. Sustainability is interdisciplinary and intersectional, so no matter what background you come from, any green idea can make a big difference.

A little bit more about me, I'm currently a junior in the College of Engineering studying Environmental Engineering. I moved to Seattle from Ohio for school and fell in love wih the city and it's natural beauties. When I’m not in class or working, I enjoy hiking, practicing photography, and cheering on the Huskies.