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Executive Summary

The Campus Illumination team envisions a campus with truly sustainable exterior lighting that enhances the campus experience, mitigates disruption to wildlife patterns, and operates with the most efficient use of energy. The team will collaborate with UW students, faculty, staff, and off- lighting design professionals to create a roadmap to guide future development and retrofitting efforts on campus. The roadmap will serve as a critical piece of campus infrastructure to ensure that lighting is implemented with a comprehensive vision as the University transitions to a sustainable nighttime campus. 

The guidelines presented in the roadmap will consolidate the design, technical, and operational expertise of various on- and off-campus entities to measurably reduce the electrical load of exterior lighting while ensuring that experiential and maintenance concerns are met. The project provides hands-on, applied learning experience for students, who will use the campus as a living laboratory for collecting and analyzing lighting data. The project establishes a methodology that integrates the perspectives of intra-institutional students, faculty, and staff to achieve our goal of holistically sustainable exterior lighting. 

Primary Contact:
Kelly Douglas