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Dear Selection Committee, 

The University of Washington currently doesn't have a biological control of insects program. Insecticides which can be detrimental to the environment are periodically sprayed. With these releases the amount of insecticides used will be dramatically decreased. We will release insects that will survive the winter. Because of this we will only need to release them for two years to build up their populations. With this grant we will be able to release the following insects for control of Thrips and Aphids from the company Evergreen Growers:  

Aphidius colemani and ervi: 500 for $69

Aphidoletes aphidimyza: 1,000 for $43.50 x2=$87

Green lacewings/Chrysoperla : 10,000 eggs for 28$ x 5= $140

Orius: 1,000 for $69

Stratiolalaps scimatus: 25,000 in 2 liter bottles at $23 x 3=$69.

Trichogramma minutum: 100,000 for $21

Trichogramma platneria: 100,000 for $21

Shipping: $12.50

Total=488.50 per year

This program has been extenisvely researched and is being applied by Seattle University, the Woodland Park Zoo, and Washington State University. If the grant proposal is accepted it will help grounds management at the University of Washington become a more sustainable place. Any remaining funds will be used for signage to promote this CSF granted project. 

Thank you for helping us become more sustainable! If you have any questions please don't hestitate to ask. 


Michael Bradshaw 


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Michael Bradshaw
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