Goal of CSF 

One of the official requirements of any project funded by the CSF is that it includes an emphasis on education, outreach, and behavior change. Projects must include educational and outreach components that help cultivate an aware and engaged campus community. It is our intention that each CSF project includes efforts to share the goals and results of their individual sustainability efforts with the rest of the campus community at large, particularly with those departments and organizations who have aligned interests. The scope, type, audience, and timing of outreach will depend on your project.


  • Any event funded by the CSF must be publicized sufficiently and identify the CSF as a funding source. Download the CSF logos from Google Drive. Introductions at all events must mention CSF sponsorship. If the publication is editorial in nature, you must use the following disclaimer: "All opinions expressed herein are the opinions of the (signed author, student organization, etc.) and not necessarily those of CSF."
  • All publicity must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990. Contact the GPSS Treasurer or see their website for the current ADA statement. Promotional materials must be posted/distributed at least two weeks prior to the event in order to allow individuals requiring an accommodation to meet the 10-day request timeline.
  • All publicity must clearly state any broader local, state, national, or international affiliations of the organization putting together the event.


Media relations

  • Share the news: Distribute a press release and/or purchase advertising in The Daily, UW Today, and UWTV. The Daily offers special rates for students and RSOs.
  • Build a feature story: Invite staff from The Daily, UW Today, and UWTV to attend your event and/or write a story about your project. Contact a representative from the UW Daily at news@dailyuw.com and editor@dailyuw.com.

Social media

  • Tell your Facebook® friends and/or create a Facebook group to spread the word.
  • Blog it: Blog to keep students aware of your activities.
  • Tweet, tweet: Do you have a Twitter® page? Use it to spread the word.
  • Instagram: Create an Instagram page to reach more people.
  • Include the CSF by tagging us in your posts and we can help share. Our Instagram isuw_csfand Facebook page is UW Campus Sustainability Fund

Email campaigns

  • Identify relevant on-campus departments, organizations, and RSOs and send them a short email blurb to share through their list serves and newsletters.
  • Use email list-serves from ASUW, GPSS, and CSF (coming soon!)


  • Write a short blurb to share on the University of Washington and/or relevant departmental and administrative website, including CSF's website.

Campus-wide messaging

  • Decorate sidewalks with chalk art to advertise your project and events.
  • Hang flyers and banners around campus in strategic locations (Red Square, the Hub, Condon Hall, libraries, dining halls, dorms, and relevant departments). Review signage rules and order signs from UW Facilities.
  • Host outreach tables and booths in Red Square, the Quad, the HUB, and any campus buildings by checking in with the regulations of the building.


  • Staff and volunteers that are in the field can wear clothing that will identify whom they are associated with and what they are doing as it relates to a CSF project.