Precious Plastics (PP) is building a small-scale DIY plastics recycling workshop in the Maple Hall Area 01 Maker Space. The workspace will consist of four machines that shred, melt, compress, and mold used plastic, so it can be transformed into 3D printing filament for creating usable products. We are on the look for experienced students with some engineering background to help continue to run this project! Watch a short video on PP here.

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The Funding Cycle 3 (FC3) is now open for submissions!
The Letter on Intent (LOI) window is now open until March 1st. Full proposal is due on April 15th.

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The Sustainability Curriculum Coalition (SCC) and the CSF, with support from UW Sustainability, invite you to join the Student Sustainability Forum on January 27th in the Intellectual House from 6-8pm.

This is an opportunity for students to provide input for the comprehensive Sustainability Plan that will be published Earth Day 2020....

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Interview by CSF Ambassadors: Nicole Po and Claire Hodges. 

Tuesday, May 28th , 2019

Authors: Nicole Po: 3rd year Biochemistry and Claire Hodges: 1st year Nursing I 2018-2019 CSF Ambassador.


Tell me a little about yourself: Name, Year, Major, Dream Job, and favorite Night Market food!

Name: Justin Ho

Year: Senior

Major: Accounting

Dream Job: Consulting

Favorite Night Market food: Taiwanese sausages

What inspired you to...

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In 2018-2019, the CSF has received 30 project applications and over $600,000 in funding requests. In our first 2 funding cycles, we awarded $139,996 to 4 large projects and $4,405 to 5 mini-grants. At the moment, the CSF committee is in the process of reviewing 10 applications from Funding Cycle 3 and we will soon finalize the total of funds granted for the 2018-2019 school year!

Here is some more...

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Author: Rachel Wang I 1st year student | 2018-2019 CSF Ambassador.


One of the biggest CSF-funded projects will officially be starting construction this summer! The Life Sciences Building Rooftop Solar Array-Supplementary project will install a 100 kW solar array on the Life Sciences Building that can generate 105,000 kWh a year for the university. Below is an interview with the project’s lead of the past three years, Alexander Ratcliff. 


Alexander Ratcliff 

Graduation Date: 2019 

Major: Environmental Engineering (it’s a new major on campus!) ...

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Author: Jill Lambie | 1st year student | 2018-2019 CSF Ambassador.


The following shows a conversation with Katy Ricchiuto and Micah Stanovsky of the Precious Plastic project with added commentary from Emily Coleman, another project lead who was unable to attend the intervie

How did you first hear about the Campus Sustainability Fund?

Katy: Emily, who is in the same graduate program that we are in, learned about it through a UW staff member who is connected with the recycling...

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Hello Huskies!

On Thursday, October 19th, 2017, the CSF hosted an event where members of the UW community were invited to meet the CSF team and brainstorm ideas to make the campus more sustainable. The Brainstorming Mixer kicked off with a poster exhibit featuring over a dozen projects the CSF has funded, including the Sustainable Learning Center, Solar Tables and Phone Charging Stations, and Gould Hall’s Green Wall. Attendees had the opportunity to mingle, converse with project representatives, and get a better sense of the type of projects the CSF funds, as well as...

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By Michael Kim
The Daily

The Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF) hosted a brainstorming mixer last Friday, bringing together a wide variety of recently funded projects under the singular ideal of sustainability.

The CSF is a student-run and student-funded organization that provides grants to sustainability projects across the UW. Initially started in the 2010-11 school year from a student-led grassroots campaign the year prior, the...

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By Abigail Sloan
The Daily

As much as Seattleites love to brag about how much we compost and recycle, there’s no denying that sorting trash is no easy task. How many times have you been in front of a garbage can asking yourself whether or not the piece of plastic you have in your hand is biodegradable, recyclable, or just something to chuck in the landfill?

Using a grant from the Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF), a local startup called EvoEco, founded by former UW student William...

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By College of the Environment News

It is graduation season, and with that comes well wishes for our graduates and an opportunity to shine a light on their accomplishments. In appreciation of their contributions to enriching the College of the Environment in numerous ways, the College has decided to fund two projects jointly with the Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF)....

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By Spencer Kelty
The Daily

A team of UW researchers has begun working on a project to create a roadmap for future lighting on campus, focusing on sustainability and efficiency for outdoor lighting installations on campus roadways, walking paths, and buildings. 

“Exterior and interior lighting have gone through significant advances, in both energy efficiency control and luminaire technology,” UW professor and project leader Christopher Meek said. “That, combined with networking...

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By Michelle Ma
UW Today

Where do you walk on campus after dark, and which areas could benefit from better lighting?

An interdisciplinary team of students, faculty and staff together with lighting design experts is asking the UW community those questions as part of a new plan to improve the efficiency and sustainability of outdoor lighting around the Seattle campus. The team’s survey to...

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By Karina Mazhukhina
UW Sustainability Blog

For 40 years, the University of Washington's Manastash Ridge Observatory near Ellensburg has been home to countless research projects studying our vast universe. Now, it’s working on incorporating environmental...

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Formed three years ago as handful of mostly graduate students, UW Solar became well known on campus after its first project — installing 128 solar panels on the roof of Mercer Court’s A Building in April 2014. The group has since grown to nearly 50 strong, about half of them undergraduates. Students involved in UW Solar...

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You may not have noticed, but as you walk around the UW campus more of those plants and flowers at your feet are species native to Puget Sound.

That’s because UW’s Society for Ecology Restoration student guild (SER-UW) native plant nursery has been working to restore areas on campus by...

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Earlier this year, the CSF awarded a grand total of $105,367 to 6 projects in the first round of funding for 2015. One of the projects proposed innovative adjustments that would optimize the use of a gift Mother Nature likes to shower upon Seattle: rainwater. 

CSF spoke to Amy Kim, Assistant Professor in Civil & Environmental Engineering and Heta Kosonen, a PhD student in Construction Engineering, about their proposed sustainable rainwater system in the Construction Materials Laboratory (CML) in More Hall.


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On Friday April 24th, 19 volunteers helped to clear a patch of English ivy in the green belt behind PACCAR Hall. Lead by ESMR major Ben Sari, they cut away at this invasive species for several hours before completion. Volunteers came from several corners of UW, drawn together from Facebook posts and tables at Earth Day in Red Square.

There were multiple reasons for cutting away the ivy, Sari says. First of all, it’s an invasive species; clearing the ivy away makes room for native plants to grow. The thick covering of ivy also housed pests such as rats; clearing the ivy eliminates...

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The CSF helped support the UW Night Market put on by the Taiwanese Student Association last weekend to support their recycling and waste control. Read on to see how the event went!

Thousands flocked to Red Square on Saturday night to celebrate Taiwan’s rich culture with food and entertainment.  

The 15th annual UW Night Market featured 22 food vendors, games, and a full lineup of performances including special guests singer-songwriter Joseph Vincent and seven-member rock/hip-hop group Lions Ambition. Throughout the night, dance crews, singers, and even an Elvis...

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