Monday, December 4, 2023

The Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF) is seeking applicants for a new Program Director.

The CSF is a student-run and student-fee derived grant fund available to the UW Seattle community to implement intersectional sustainability projects on campus. Our work aims to increase social equity, community resilience, and climate action. Equity, diversity and inclusion are the guiding principles to the sustainability work at CSF. Read more about our mission and values here. We are looking for a student eager to commit substantial time and energy to empowering the UW community to develop and implement student projects. 

Since 2009, the CSF has been exclusively student run, originating as a student-led movement to increase student participation in the UW campus climate future. The opening of this existing Professional Staff role to include non-student applicants is done in confidence that the new Program Director commits to co-leadership, student advancement, and their own intellectual growth. The CSF Program Director will co-lead the CSF in direct collaboration with the Graduate Student Associate Director and team of student staff. 

This position will serve as the lead for program operations, budgetary oversight, strategic planning, hiring, and personnel management for the CSF. The CSF is an independent unit that is administratively housed within the UW Sustainability office. While this position will report to the UW Sustainability Director, this position has delegated decision-making authority to establish policies, methods, procedures, and work rules for the program. This position is responsible for planning, directing, and controlling the activities of the CSF as well as various sub-programs (grant-making, intersectional sustainability initiative, CSF Committee, student mentorship, educational activities, events/outreach, etc.). 

The UW Campus Sustainability Fund Program Director leads the strategic direction of a student-funded grantmaking organization entering its 14th year of operations that guides project teams to the development, implementation, and management of innovative, sustainability-focused projects and equity-centered programmatic initiatives on UW’s campus. The position ensures organizational excellence in supporting an inclusive team of student employees and managing high-level operations of the fund including oversight of internal and external budgets, consulting and advising on complex project planning and implementation challenges, and leading the creation of programmatic initiatives. This position entails a high-level of complexity that spans all strata of the University and has wide ranging, long-term impacts on the campus’ built and social environment.


Schedule: 35 hours a week with full benefits 

Salary: $78,000 per year

Tuition Exemption: Graduate students may explore the state tuition exemption program (limited at 6 credits/quarter)

Continued Learning: Non-students may take 6 credits/quarter at no cost


Apply by January 7, 2024 at 11:59pm. Learn more about the CSF Program Director position below. The job application and more can be found on two platforms below: 

For questions, reach out to our Associate Director, Tatiana Brown ( To request disability accommodation in the application process, please let us know how we may assist and/or contact the Disability Services Office at 206-543-6450 or

About the position

Primary Duties and Responsibilities: 
Management, Planning and Programming [50%] 
• Directly oversee & work collaboratively with 1-2 graduate students (Associate Program Director, Intersectional Sustainability Initiative [ISI] and Associate Program Director, Grantmaking) and a team of 2-3 undergraduate students (Outreach and Education Coordinator, Grant and Project Coordinator, Graphic Designer). 
• As the CSF’s ‘Professional Staff,’ provide institutional knowledge, foster long-term relationships with campus partners, and ensure continuity and evolution of CSF. 
• Provides leadership and organizational strategy in collaboration with key administrative and academic leaders across the University. 
• Guide the implementation of the CSF’s 5-year strategic plan (2020-2025). Update annually with input from CSF Committee / stakeholders and create visibility of plan on CSF’s website and other orientation materials. 
• Work closely with the Associate Program Director, ISI to launch a student collective (under our Intersectional Sustainability Initiative) to create diversified student engagement pathways. 
• Ensure strong relationships and accountability to funding bodies with regular meetings and presenting to / updating their Committees on a quarterly basis. 
• Convene CSF Executive Advisory Network — incorporate feedback into strategic plan and relay key takeaways to CSF Committee & staff. 
• Oversee CSF external communications — ensure content and design language is professional, inclusive, and engaging. 
• Ensure CSF governance stays active, informed, drives strategy and creates accountability. 
• Creation of streamlined metric analysis for reporting & impact monitoring. 
• Direct the regular upkeep and necessary modifications to a central CSF metrics database using excel / tableau. 
• Maintain strong relationships with UW diversity leaders and external organizations that work to support diverse and underrepresented groups on campus. 

Fiscal Oversight and HR [25%] 
• Provide financial management and oversight for all funds including overhead & projects [~$600,000 annual budget + reserves]. 
• Create fiscal projections for presentation to the CSF Core Team/Committee and use in development of CSF’s reporting documents and yearly requests for funding to the UW Services and Activities Fee (primary funding source) & Student Technology Fee. 
• Advise on and review annual SAF Orientation & Budget Document [~25 pages total] for yearly funding request [>$400,000 yearly]. 
• Liaise with departmental fiscal administrators to ensure additional oversight, reconciliation, and prudence in CSF’s accounting and fiscal processes. 
• In coordination with the CSF Committee, create fiscal strategy to ensure CSF operations remain resilient, well-resourced, and as effective as possible. 
• Create financial transparency by managing and updating CSF’s Tableau Visual Dashboard. 
• Advise on CSF fiscal policy and procedures — act as primarily liaison with the Office of Planning and Budgeting and UW Facilities fiscal staff. 
• Set HR policies and assist in HR-related tasks and organizational needs — serve as primary liaison with department HR staff and point person for internal conflict resolution. 
• Create an inclusive and respectful work environment for all employees, committee members, and volunteers. 
• Ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion are upheld in all aspects of the organization including bylaws, hiring, outreach, partnerships, etc. 

New and Existing Grants/Project Management/Oversight [20%] 
• Oversee CSF’s existing grant portfolio and work to ensure success of existing projects and programs 
• Steward long-term, large grants projects and those in the internal recurring funding schedule (applicable to several close CSF partners). Delegate related tasks as suitable to the CSF team. 
• Advise and assist in the development and enactment of MOU’s and multi-stakeholder agreements for CSF’s most complex and highest investment projects. 
• Work closely with CSF Associate Director of Grantmaking (to be hired) to establish timelines for annual grant programs, and work with the CSF team to ensure promotion and engagement. 
• Work closely with CSF Grant and Project Coordinator to ensure applicant teams are well supported in their proposal development, submittal, review, and implementation. 
• Update grant application process to enhance stakeholder engagement in proposal and implementation, increase transparency with stakeholders, and assist in CSF Committee application review process. 

Research & Education [5%] 
• Research and implement global best practices across a range of organizational procedures and structures. 
• Incorporate wide-ranging theoretical knowledge on sustainability (intersectional, economic, social, cultural) and sustainability management into CSF operations and programming to ensure CSF is a global leader in campus sustainability fund programming. 
• Maintain a strong commitment to learning about the latest trends in higher education sustainability, innovative technologies, and opportunities on UW’s campus.  
• Create opportunities for sharing and learning amongst CSF staff, UW students, CSF funders (SAF & STF), and the broader community through newsletter columns, workshops, classes, presentations, or informal conversations. 
• Attend conferences, workshops, and events related to sustainability. 

Core Competencies 
• Foster an inclusive and empowering work environment. 
• Manage stressful situations and change priorities effectively. 
• Anticipate, recognize, and resolve problems. 
• Demonstrate personal integrity and trustworthiness. 
• Be responsible and accountable. 
• Use organizational skills and pay attention to details. 
• Maintain a positive, optimistic, and success-oriented attitude. 
• Exercise professionalism, which includes being tactful and courteous. 
• Exhibit a professional work ethic. 
• Continuously exercise transparent communication. 
• Display commitment to mentorship and compassionate leadership.  

Requirements include: 
• BA in any field. 
• Four to five years of relevant experience, including any combination of the following: 
-Managing a team of people 
-Program Management 
-Creating or managing budgets and general financial management 
-Familiarity with grantmaking and/or administering grants 
-Managing relationships and forming partnerships with EDI-focused entities 
-Leading Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion and/or social justice-related work 

Equivalent education/experience will substitute for all minimum qualifications except when there are legal requirements, such as a license/certification/registration. 

• Familiarity with managing technical infrastructure and environmental projects / systems. 
• Experience with Process Improvement / Change Management. 

Conditions of Employment: 
• Must be able to work in a non-smoking environment. 
• In-person activities are performed in an office environment with the majority of time spent sitting and using a computer. 
• There is potential lifting, bending and transporting of equipment of up to 30 pounds, sometimes between campus buildings. 
• Regular and predictable attendance is required. This applies to time in the office, presence at university / partner events, and team meetings.  
• Work is hybrid. Expected to be in person when student staff will be in person (schedule can vary academic quarter to quarter, but will be set together as a team before the term starts).