On Wednesday, October 22nd, a group of six speakers from across the University of Washington came together to discuss sustainability, especially as it relates  to their personal research and projects, as part of the SustainableUW Festival. Comprised of three different UW schools (College of the Environment, Foster School of Business, and the School of Public Health), the panel focused on identifying and addressing the barriers to solving the largest issues currently affecting sustainability.   

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Think of what you ate for lunch today. Do you know where your food came from? This is a difficult question for most people to answer due to the complexities and lack of transparency in the food system. Don’t fret yet; passionate students that are a part of the Real Food Challenge are aiming to address these gaps in knowledge to create a more sustainable and transparent food system. The Real Food Challenge (RFC) at the University of Washington is a chapter of a larger national organization committed to working with universities to supply real food to their students. The RFC defines real...

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We've scratched the surface of Sierra magazine's Cool Schools list on Treehugger before, but this time I've decided to dig into one of the schools so we can learn more about what makes it so green.

The University of Washington (UW) topped the list this year, and Aubrey Batchelor, Program Coordinator in UW's Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability office, said green programs and projects...

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A wall of vegetation now climbs the south side of Gould Hall, after the opening of the Biodiversity Green Wall and Edible Green Screen on Monday.

The sustainable, vertical wall creates more efficient methods in plant growth, water circulation, and biodiversity. The wall was a collaborative project within the UW College of Built Environments’ Green Futures Lab (GFL).

“The idea to build the Green Wall was inspiring,” said Leann Andrews, lab manager at GFL.

The upper wall is 80 to 85 percent native plants, and the lower wall is about 50 percent native. Biodiverse plants...

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"UW pays compulsive attention to buying local: More than half of the school's food is produced within 250 miles of campus. Administrators are also firmly committed to using renewable energy. Above, student Jamie Rowe, who coordinates UW's Campus Sustainability Fund, places her bike on one of the school's seven bicycle-repair stations"


From a student-run farm to fix-it-yourself bike stations around campus, students at the University of Washington have taken a campaign to increase environmental sustainability in new directions over the past two years.

On Friday, during the school's annual Earth Day ceremony, the UW will celebrate its environmental efforts as part of HuskyFest, a three-day celebration marking the 150th anniversary of...

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