Special CSF Funding Cycle
Monday, June 22, 2020

Recent events revealing undeniable racial disparities in police violence and COVID-19 fatality and the movements rising up to combat such injustices highlight the importance of considering the intersections of group identities in thinking about what social and environmental sustainability means. Conversations on racial disparities in health, the environment, and the justice system are critical and long overdue, and we must ensure that these conversations continue within the University of Washington community long after initial news cycles subside. The Campus Sustainability Fund and the UW Resilience Lab are calling for proposals of up to $3,000 for projects that will educate the UW community and spark dialogue about proposed solutions to environmental and societal problems that have a disproportionately negative impact on communities of color, and in particular on Black and Indigenous peoples.

Example projects could include anything from a documentary and group discussion to the creation of online resources or a public art installation. We are especially interested in proposals that address themes of police reform and accountability, environmental (in)justice, and health disparities that result from systemic and institutional racism. The 17 U.N. Sustainable Development Goals may serve as an inspiration for thinking about different aspects of intersectional sustainability that could be addressed. We prefer proposals for solutions that can be implemented at the University of Washington or in the greater Seattle area.

Application Link

Eligibility, funding, and reporting:

The application period will open on July 8, 2020, and will stay open while funding remains. All University of Washington students, staff, and faculty are eligible to apply; however, preference will be given to teams including students. Award amounts will range up to $3,000. Projects will be funded on a rolling basis. We will aim to inform applicants of their project’s status within two weeks of receiving the application. 

A brief final report must be submitted within 60 days of the project’s conclusion that:

  1. Lists supported activities
  2. Evaluates results and what was learned from the project
  3. Describes any recommendations for improvement of the project in the future
  4. Describes next steps and the potential for sustainability of the project, if applicable
  5. Accounts for project funds

Selection process:

Applications will be reviewed by committee members appointed by the UW Resilience Lab and Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF) and ultimately approved by the CSF. Proposals will be judged on:

  1. Clear and direct alignment with the UW Resilience Lab & CSF's goals of addressing racial and environmental injustices
  2. Feasibility of completing the project during Summer Quarter or early in Fall Quarter
  3. Impact on the UW community

Funding guidelines:

CSF will not fund time and labor expended by UW faculty working on CSF projects except that outside the scope of regular faculty duties. While CSF supports celebratory and recognition events, the CSF will not specifically fund food, drinks, or salable merchandise as part of project budgets. Line item requests for travel funding are not encouraged but will be considered on a case by case basis. CSF funds shall not be used for research projects unless such projects include an actionable component (e.g., recommendations that can be implemented).

Bonus points will be awarded for:

  1. Applications that include a letter of support from an appropriate administrator or other unit lead (e.g., person holding chair, dean, or VP-level roles) or letter from a faculty or staff adviser for student-led applications
  2. Projects that articulate roles for students during the genesis & implementation process
  3. Projects that prioritize considerations of accessibility including, but not limited to, (dis)ability, first language, and access to stable internet connections
  4. Projects that directly support the University of Washington’s commitments to race and equity, innovation, population health, and the UW's progress toward the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Information required:

General information

Project title*
Name of primary application contact*
Preferred email for primary application contact*
Title of primary application contact (e.g., undergraduate student, Assistant Professor, Program Coordinator)
Affiliation (department, unit, RSO, etc.)

Proposed project description

Please briefly describe your proposed project, including clearly delineated goals or aims. (500 words or fewer)*
Please briefly provide any background describing the theoretic and/or empirical justification for your proposed project. (Optional; 250 words or fewer)
Please describe how you will evaluate whether or not your project met its intended goals and created impact in the UW and/or greater Seattle community. (500 words or fewer)*


Award amount requested*
Please provide a detailed, line-item budget proposal of how the funds will be used. For each item, please start a new line in the format: Line number) Dollar amount requested; Expense title, Details. For example: 1) $250; Honorarium; Compensation for guest speaker.*
Please include a description of matching funds and/or any additional funds to support your project, if applicable. (Optional)

Other information

If you have a letter of support from an appropriate unit lead (e.g. person holding chair, dean, or VP-level roles) or a letter from a faculty or staff adviser/mentor (for student-led application), please upload it here as a PDF. (Optional)
Anything else we should know? (Optional)