Wednesday, April 17, 2019

In 2018-2019, the CSF has received 30 project applications and over $600,000 in funding requests. In our first 2 funding cycles, we awarded $139,996 to 4 large projects and $4,405 to 5 mini-grants. At the moment, the CSF committee is in the process of reviewing 10 applications from Funding Cycle 3 and we will soon finalize the total of funds granted for the 2018-2019 school year!

Here is some more information on the projects funded during Funding Cycle 1 and 2 this year:


Funding Cycle 1: Funded December 2018

(2 projects totaling $120,796)


Life Sciences Building Rooftop Solar Array- Supplementary  

Awarded amount: $100,000

UW- solar is collaborating with Perkins+Will and UW-Biology to install a 100 kW solar array on the roof of the new Life Sciences Building.  With the help of solar array and its generation of 105,00 kWh of energy per year, the LSB will reduce its’ carbon footprint by nearly 80 metric tons of CO2e each year. The funding was made possible through a partnership with UW’s Student Technology Fee (STF).

University of Washington Precious Plastics

Awarded amount: $20,796

Precious Plastics is creating a closed-loop upcycling system here on campus. The team is working on creating an on-campus workspace in Area 01 located in Maple Hall, where they will provide machines that create material for usable products, such as 3-D printing filaments from used plastic. The project will also will provide raw material to arts and science students for 3D printing, construction projects, and as a sculptural medium along with an opportunity for research in the fields of material and mechanical engineering, waste management policy, sustainability, industrial design, communications, and business development.


Funding Cycle 2: Funded March 2019

(2 projects totalling $19,200)


Africa Now 2019 Conference

Awarded amount: $13,200

Africa Now’s  second annual conference will bring awareness to current issues from the content, inspire Black students and professionals to join the movement of sustainable, afrocentric, African development. The conference will provide the insights, knowledge, and resources necessary to envision sustainable ways to improve their communities in Seattle, in Africa, and across the Diaspora.

Vocal Theater Works Principle: Hydrogen Jukebox

Awarded amount:  $6,000

School of Music students will be performing Philip Glass’s modern opera Hydrogen Jukebox on April  26-27 2019. The Musical Theatre piece features a setting of Allen Ginsberg’s poetry, and presents issues of social and environmental justice and sustainability along with themes of environmental degradation, social injustice, and negative impacts of war.

Mini Grants: (FC1 & FC2)

Rebound: The Bounce Back Used Notebooks Deserve:

Awarded Amount : $405

Campus Rotaract Club’s innovative alternative to waste is to collect used notebooks at the end of each quarter to be disassembled and rebound into new notebooks. After disassembling all of notebook parts, papers of similar sizes will be grouped and then using aluminum screw posts and covers made of recycled materials, new notebooks are created. The recreated notebooks will be freely distributed at the start of the next quarter for their second lives in assisting student learning.

Black Student Union Legacy S Soriee

Awarded amount: $1,000

This is a annual celebration banquet that centers excellence within the black communities both the University of Washington and the greater Seattle area. This year, the celebration featured live music, performances, honoraria, keynote speakers, catered dinner, and more.The Black Student Union recognized ten minority students from high schools all around the greater Seattle area and encourage their attendance to the University of Washington. The event also fundraised to provide scholarships to underrepresented students at UW.


Awarded amount: $1,000

TEDxUofW Conference is one of the largest events on campus hosted annually by the TEDxUofW registered student organization. The event will host inspiring speakers which provide them with a platform to share their passions. With the CSF’s contribution, we hope to reduce the price of admissions in order to make the event more accessible for more student.

Creating a Sustainable Night Market

Awarded amount:$1,000

The Taiwanese Student Association hosts the annual night market, and each year this group works towards implementing a more sustainable event. This year they are focused on implementing a water refill station along with providing attendees with reusable water bottles.

Double DIP Conference

Awarded amount:$1000

Double Dip Conference is hosted by the Diversity in Psychology RSO. This event was catered toward high school students who identify as people of color, or who come from disadvantaged backgrounds, and are underrepresented in psychology and mental health professions. The conference helped familiarize students with life at the University of Washington and highlighted the importance of people like them pursuing psychology and bringing forward diverse perspectives to the field.