Saturday, November 4, 2017

Hello Huskies!

On Thursday, October 19th, 2017, the CSF hosted an event where members of the UW community were invited to meet the CSF team and brainstorm ideas to make the campus more sustainable. The Brainstorming Mixer kicked off with a poster exhibit featuring over a dozen projects the CSF has funded, including the Sustainable Learning Center, Solar Tables and Phone Charging Stations, and Gould Hall’s Green Wall. Attendees had the opportunity to mingle, converse with project representatives, and get a better sense of the type of projects the CSF funds, as well as learn about the other sustainable initiatives taking place on campus. During the Brainstorming Session, new project ideas were presented, including building an aeroponics system, PAVEGEN electric tiles, water wheels, and working with Housing and Food Services to pilot a reusable food container system -- such as a cafe cup swap system -- to reduce food container waste. 

The CSF also offers a diverse array of opportunities to get involved with specific projects or the CSF itself. The Kincaid Ravine Restoration Project, Yesler Swamp Bird Blind, and The UW Bicycle Library: Cycle Pack are all funded and approved projects that are in need of new leads and interns. If you’re looking to volunteer with the CSF itself, there are open positions for a Graphic Designer, and on the Outreach Ambassador team. Being new to the Outreach Ambassador team myself, I found the Brainstorming Mixer to be a nice introduction to what CSF does. In one sentence, the fund gives an opportunity to bring student ideas to life while supporting the idea of campus sustainability. By the wide variety of projects that were presented at the Mixer, there’s really not a limit to what you can do. If you weren’t able to make it to this event, I hope you can make it to our Mixer in Spring! 

Thank you,

Karen Chan


Photo Credit: Rachel Carey; Whisper St Christopher

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