Monday, April 20, 2020

The UW's 2020 Earth Day celebration has a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion. A student coalition including students affiliated with the Ethnic Cultural Center, Sustainability Credit Coalition, Campus Sustainability Fund, School of Social Work, and Program on the Environment created a grassroots digital campaign to to connect and learn from each other.

To participate, submit digital artifacts in response to the prompt “How do you engage with the Earth?” to or tag UW Sustainability on social media. You can submit photos, poems, links to articles, short videos, art pieces - the limit is your imagination! The idea is to connect and add to social media movements that center equity and communities of color in environmentalism. Our goal through this campaign is to highlight the work of communities of color and indigenous communities in environmentalism, and create more of an intersectional space for BIPOC students and people.

Visit the UW Sustainability page to find a list of events and other projects to encourage participation from an intersectional perspective.