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To facilitate the execution of my senior capstone project for my major Community, Environment, and Planning, I am requesting a grant of $1000 to fund my project expenses. I am creating an interactive, experiential learning style food symposium, where I will create a juxtaposed “Feast for the Senses” to educate UW students about food choices and their connections to sustainability in social and environmental spheres. This project is primarily an educational and behavioral change endeavor that seeks to address the concept of the local as global (and vice versa), empowering individuals (students) with knowledge to make informed consumer choices through experiential learning. This exhibit will juxtapose the ideas of “farm to table” versus “firm to table,” with practical applications for education of industrial and biodynamic practices and products through different tasting menus. Each menu will focus on a different sense: taste, touch, smell, sound, and sight. Here, I wish to influence perception of reality through the senses, using them as tools of self-knowledge and personal development to broaden consciousness and establish a heightened present awareness. This knowledge will enable and empower students to make choices, starting with food consumption and preparation, that honor virtuous consumption with lower resource impacts. Additionally, I hope to have active community participation and engagement through public art forums throughout the exhibit, providing a basis for co-creation and collaboration. Expenses will cover supplies for constructing the space, in dollars $: Cost of space (tables, tents, wood for archway to space): $250 Speakers: $40 Art supplies for murals: $130 Food for tasting menu: $300 Plates, utensils, etc: $50 Costs of printing materials: $100 Balloons: $30 Lights for space: $100 Total cost: $1000 Timeline: Date of event May 4th

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Kathryn Kavanagh
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