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Executive Summary

One of our most successful projects, the salvage wood program, is starting an advertising campaign. This project turns wood from fallen trees into usable products such as benches, tables and nametags. Keeping our trees on campus substantially reduces our carbon footprint. Grinding up and transporting these trees to cedar grove requires the use of fossil fuels and produces carbon emissions. Currently, there is more salvage wood than there is demand for its usable products. At the current rate we will not have adequate room to store all of the downed wood for future projects. In order for this project to stay operational and efficiently use all of the wood from around campus, product orders need to be placed by the campus community. This grant will be used to increase our outreach by creating a workable website where campus organizations, faculty, staff and alumni can order different products created from salvaged wood. We will work with students from the marketing and business school to help us set up a website and advertising campaign throughout campus. We will also create wooden tags and plaques using salvage wood to be placed in high visited areas throughout campus (The HUB, Suzzallo, Odeggard, Washington Commons, etc.). These tags/plaques will contain the following ‘To order salvage wood products (name tags, benches, tables etc.) please visit

Primary Contact:
Michael Bradshaw