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Executive Summary

In-line with our mission to increase UW community awareness of local and national food systems topics and issues, we are planning a free documentary screening for spring quarter at the Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center Theatre. We will be showing the documentary, Dolores, which is about Dolores Huerta, a civil rights activist and the co-founder, along with Cesar Chavez, of the National Farmworkers Association (now United Farm Workers). By sharing this documentary with the UW community, we hope to raise awareness of our national food system’s dependence on the labor of farm workers, and the importance of fighting for farm workers’ rights. We also hope to highlight women who have been critical in pushing the farm workers’ rights movement forward, yet who often are left out of mainstream history. In addition, Carlos Marentes, from Seattle-based El Comité, will be speaking about the the farm workers' movement in Western Washington in a Q&A after the film.

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Kelly Wolffe