Thursday, September 20, 2018

The CSF has changed its funding model to make funding more accessible for applicants earlier in the academic year. We now have a spring/ summer Letter of Intent (LOI ) window for project applicants looking to start their projects in the beginning of the academic year with a full proposal. Project applicants must submit an LOI during any quarter and a full proposal within the following two quarters, allowing more time for project teams to develop their projects, and receive required approvals between the LOI and Full Proposal stage. 

We are very excited to announce this new funding cycle model and believe it will provide students additional opportunities to get involved and greater efficiency by aligning our funding cycle with the academic year. 


The CSF will accept proposal applications three times per Academic Year:


FC1 (Autumn)

FC1 LOI Window: May 1st - September 11th (Spring Week 5 - Summer Week 12) Autumn Full Proposal Deadline: October 15th (Week 4)

Full Proposal Presentations: (Week 5 - 6)

Committee Deliberation: (Week 7 - 8)


FC2 (Winter)

FC2 Winter LOI Window / Deadline: Nov. 1st - Dec. 1st (Autumn Week 5-10)

Winter Full Proposal Deadline: January 15th (Week 3)

Full Proposal Presentations: (Week 4 - 5)

Committee Deliberation: (Week 6 - 7)


FC3 (Spring)

FC3 Spring LOI Window / Deadline: Feb. 1st - Mar. 1st (Week 5 - 9)

Spring Full Proposal Deadline: April 15th (Week 3)

Full Proposal Presentations: Week (4 - 5)

Committee Deliberation: (Week 8)


Project LOI’s are now being reviewed on a rolling basis and will be reviewed the same quarter that they are submitted so that approved LOI’s may submit a Full Proposal as early as the next quarter.


Small Projects (<$1000)

Rolling deadline. Apply at any time.
Please include in your LOI a detailed budget and timeline.

If you have any questions about LOIs, projects, or the CSF in general, please contact us.