Campus Sustainability Fund
Monday, August 13, 2018

The Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF) has finalized its grant allocations for the 2017-2018 academic year, awarding five projects a total of $244,173 in the final funding round. In addition to grants from earlier funding cycles, the CSF awarded a total of $371,748 to 29 projects throughout the year. With a new partnership with the Student Technology Fee (STF), the CSF was able to fund specific tech-related projects, allowing the CSF to fund more projects overall and better meet the demand.

This is the largest number of projects the CSF has funded in a single year. The fund has now awarded more than $2.5 million to 136 projects since it was created in 2010.

The CSF is a student-funded and student-run grant organization supporting on-campus sustainability projects through interdisciplinary collaboration amongst students, staff, and faculty. The CSF has three funding rounds each year that align with the academic quarter, along with a rolling application process for small project grant applications of less than $1,000. All funding decisions are made by the CSF student committee. If you are interested in getting involved with the CSF either by applying for funding, joining our committee or volunteering, please email Kyle McDermott at Application deadlines for fall funding cycle will be released very soon! We'd like to thank all of the project teams for their creativity and hard work.

Below is the list of projects funded in 2017-2018. For more information on all of these projects, see our project list.

Round 1: Funded March, 2018
Eight projects, totaling $117,134):

  • Green Greeks Representative Program  $3,900
  • Anaerobic Digestor Feasibility (Phase 1):  $10,000
  • Africa Now: Unlocking Potential from Within  $10,491
  • Earth Day Festival: A Celebration of the Diversity and Unity of our World  $11,700
  • Earth Games: 60 Second Sustainability  $26,043
  • Phase 4  $30,000
  • Electric Outboard Motors, Sustainability for Washington Rowing  $8,000
  • Population Health Facility: Educational Rainwater System  $17,000

Round 2: Funded June, 2018
 projects, totaling $284,028):

  • Ethnoforestry  $92,800
  • Anareobic Digestor  $35,000
  • Bringing green games to the UW campus  $15,867
  • Go Team, Go Green!   $52,205
  • Native Plant Nursery - Future Growth  $25300.71
  • Northwest Center for Livable Communities  $23,000

Mini Grants: Funded case-by-case
14 projects totaling $10,441):

  • Keraton  $1,000
  • Matsuri 2018  $1,000
  • Global Leadership Forum  $420
  • Biological Control of Insects  $1,000
  • Implementing Sustainability: Bamboo toothbrushes for UW Dentistry  $1,000
  • Panel: Climate Policy in Washington  $150
  • Youth Engineering Green Solutions to Stormwater Runoff and Pollution Prevention  $1,000
  • TSA Night Market  $1,000
  • A Feast for the Senses  $700
  • ReThink Resliance Summit $ 375
  • WashPirg Plant Potting  $210
  • WashPirg Art  $634
  • Salvage HardWood Advertising Campaign $1,000
  • HUB Bin Expansion Project  $952