Follow-up to design workshop with Miller Hull
Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Next Steps: Letter of Intent for PHF Projects are due to CSF on November 30. Design team to summarize the most feasible/fitting projects for the CSF Project Webpage

Project Ideas:


  • Interactive data, educational display to learn about PHI
  • Pizoelectric stairs (power generating stair treads)
  • Hydro/ Aquaponic (fish) installation
  • Hydroponic systems indoors, grow vegetables
  • Dynamic shades, Operable windows
  • Solar powered light display outside (from activity on stairs treads inside?)
  • Meditation Room: with art piece that uses rainwater. Dry when dry outside, with green/plants
  • Visual display of world data
  • Track data in building: energy use etc.
  • Showcase building features and systems in N/S wall of gallery space along 15th Order by systems scale: Occupant to global, Living Lab Showcasing LBC/WELL/LEED - showcase PHI
  • Anaerobic digester for compost
  • Sustainable and affordable sourcing
  • Urban Ag / Living Machine
  • Biomimetic bus shelter


  • Greywater demonstration, study/research the treated water
  • Constructed Wetland
  • Rain shelters in landscape (not enough on campus)
  • Sustainable and educational landscapes
  • Display piping that collects rainwater – as an art installation – can this power lights?
  • LCA study of greywater systems
  • South end of building – sunny space, social space, with solar panels and/ green wall panels – artistic display