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Joseph Huehnerhoff
Tuesday, March 31, 2015

CSF-funded project "Conservation and Sustainability at Manastash Ridge Observatory: Planning For the Next Forty Years" began to prepare for the changes that will be added and installed to the observatory in the future. So far, the team has removed old light fixtures to prepare for a higher efficiency, newer, and safer set up, and new toilets have been installed that increase effi­ciency from 3.5 gal/flush (mea­sured) to 1.28gal/flush. The old kitchen was also removed to anticipate the new water catchment system going in (pictured below).

Removing the old kitchen.

After a day's work, the kitchen is removed!

A student from the MRO team, Joseph Huehnerhoff, has been keeping a detailed blog with photos and descriptions about the work that has been happening at the site. You can find that blog here:

For more information about the Manastash Ridge Observatory, see here:

Information about the scope of work for this CSF project: