Consider Speaking to:

Housing & Food Services
Planning and Architecture
Facilities Services

Potential Projects:

  • Installation of new energy-metering equipment on campus buildings
  • Energy efficiency retrofits of existing buildings and campus structures
  • Biogas Reactor
  • Creation of campus “dashboard” energy management systems
  • Bottle Re-fill Stations
  • Electric Car Charging Stations
  • Solar: expansion of UW Solar - look at housing projects where the infrastructure is already in place.
  • Dashboard Collaborations with Students (graphics, public locations to view data of building energy consumption)
  • Charge non-ADA students for use of handicap door buttons (card swipe required).
  • Outreach/Incentive funding for departments to replace inefficient equipment.
  • Solartubes
  • Install phase change materials in ceilings/walls
  • Green roofs
  • Methane re-capture
  • Description of building operations
  • Anything contributing to approaching net-zero on HFS structure
  • Audits of existing HFS buildings to see what steps should next be taken to increase sustainability with future funding, priority given to high visibility areas
  • Installation of efficient surge protectors in campus residence halls
  • Installation of motion-sensor lighting wherever feasible
  • Composting or other waterless toilet fixtures
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