Consider speaking to:

Potential projects:

  • Implement a system for tracking bicycle trips to campus to be used for bicycling promotion, such as Dero’s Zap system
  • Fund bicycle ambassador student positions to promote bicycling and encourage safe riding
  • Create special parking spaces proximate to pedestrian exits from parking lots for commuters that carpool and vanpool
  • Purchase and place practice bike racks for bus riders: put more on campus so students can learn how to load bikes onto busses
  • Fund commute ambassador student positions to promote and educate students about their sustainable transportation options
  • Educate new students on how to use transit with promotional activities during Try Transit Month in October
  • Bike-share programs- focus on cargo bikes, "bike-library" set up
  • Assisting in the purchase of electric vehicles for campus fleet
  • On-campus car share program(s)
  • Install real-time transit information signs at campus bus stops
  • Enhance bus waiting areas with art, thereby improving the user experience
  • Develop art to enhance the aesthetics of bicycle lockers
  • Conduct interview research with people who bicycle commute to identify triggers for cycling and produce corresponding educational content
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