One of the most difficult challenges in establishing this project was finding an appropriate space for its location on campus. Since the inception of the Cooperative in December 2010, we have received unanimous support from various organizations on campus including Housing and Food Services, ASUW, and the College of Engineering, among others. Unfortunately, these organizations could not support us with the financial means of obtaining a lab space on campus that was up to fire and safety code. This was surprising for a research university as large as the University of Washington; we found...

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  • The project timeline for any project of this size will extend beyond the quarter system.  Ourproject is still finishing up and is currently on month 22.  We expedited our project as much as possible and worked rigorously. 
  • Most construction projects needs professional stamps.  Neither our licensed staff nor the UW Engineers were comfortable stamping our plans because there was no insurance protecting the professionals in case a legal disputehappened. We had to rely on our contractors to provide the license and had to pay extra for this service- not ideal because it...
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I learned of the CSF when it was first just a grassroots campaign and was lucky enough to contribute to the effort in the Winter of 2010. Coming out of that experience I was really feeling energized, excited, and empowered so I was eager to put together a project to harnass all that leftover enthusiasm (wow that was a lot of ‘e’ words..)  Anyways, the initial challenge for me was to figure out what kind of project I feasibly could run. I was a sophomore, working for Husky Neighborhoods as a volunteer community organizer. I decided to organize a tree planting because it has a tangible...

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