Electric Bicycle Mail Delivery Program 2.0

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UW Mailing Services’ Electric Bicycle Mail Delivery Program 1.0 has been a huge success. For the last three years, UW Mailing Services avoided using mail delivery trucks to deliver campus mail with the implementation of electric cargo bicycles. Inevitably, this CSF sponsored program has had a positive impact on both the environment and the community. In order to further expand the program, to meet customers’ increasing demand, and to expose the sustainability impact to others, UW Mailing Services plans to launch a 2.0 program.

Kincaid Ravine Restoration Project

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The Kincaid Ravine Preliminary Master Plan and Capital Improvements Program completed by UW CEP 498 students during Winter and Spring Quarters 2020 respectively, provide the basic framework for the 3.6 acre site’s long-term environmentally sustainable capital improvements which will provide the following benefits for the campus community following it’s six-year build out: