A scrapbook style photo collage on a red-orange background with Spring Humble Feast speaker names including: ASUW (SFC) Student Food Co-op, UW Solar Resiliency Tunnel, and ASUW (OISA) Office of International Student Advocacy. Doodles scattered throughout highlighting the Goi Cuõn, Vietnamese spring rolls, a recipe prepared by the ASUW OISA.
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Kort Maeda, CSF Outreach Coordinator
Saturday, September 3, 2022

The Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF) will begin regularly featuring project leads and current students who are working to create an environmentally and socially engaged culture at the University of Washington. Each year, the CSF funds student-initiated and student-led projects that aim to increase campus-wide social equity, community resilience, and climate action. Today's project spotlight is on the ASUW Student Food Cooperative (SFC)'s Spring Humble Feast. 

This past spring quarter, the Student Food Co-op in partnership with the CSF hosted its first Humble Feast since the beginning of the pandemic. The Humble Feast is an annual event that is hosted by students for members of the UW community. The community event featured food, field games, and art projects on the HUB lawn. The recipe, Gỏi Cuốn (Vietnamese spring rolls), was taught by students from the ASUW Asian Student Commission. Volunteers from the ASUW Student Food Co-op and the ASUW Office of International Student Advocacy (OISA) participated in prior recipe testing, food preparations, and cooking on the day of the event. Humble Feast attendees had the opportunity to share a vegan meal with one another and participate in conversations surrounding decolonizing food justice and collaborative food communities on our campus.  

We heard from student speakers involved with the ASUW Office of International Student Advocacy about their new dining program, Recipes From Home. This program, in collaboration with ASUW Student Food Co-op and UW Housing and Food Services (HFS) will be implemented starting in Autumn 2022. Recipes From Home aims to celebrate and engage with the diverse student body at UW by bringing a sense of comfort through the dining hall food experience. Students can submit recipes of their favorite foods from home to the community cookbook, which may be served as part of the UW dining menu throughout the year. With almost 10,000 UW students living in on-campus residence halls and apartments each year, Recipes From Home was created with the intention of building greater cultural representation and diversity on campus.


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