Associate Vice President Ruth Johnston and CSF Coordinator Graham Golbuff present at NACUBO

The National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO) had its annual meeting in Seattle this weekend, and Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability OFfice was there to show off all of the UW's sustainability efforts.

Associate Vice President Ruth Johnston and Campus Sustainability Fund Coordinator Graham Golbuff gave a presentation on "Strengthening Leadership on Environmental Sustainability" and answered questions from NACUBO members.

Earth Week Photos

We had a packed Earth Week with two restoration work parties and a tabling event with other student groups on campus. Thank you to all who participated in the community design input activity. We got an overwhelming amount of responses and will keep you updated throughout the design process. See our Facebook page for more photos! 


Earth Week Events

The CSF will be part of three Earth Week events next week starting off with a restoration party this saturday at the Yesler Swamp. We will be giving away our custom made water bottles and tote bags to participants at all three events so please stop by to get yours! They will go quickly! 

Full Proposal guidelines


The Full Proposal should include the following 7 sections.

Each section should, at a minimum, include the information identified under each heading.  Aside from the Executive Summary (which should come first), the sections should be presented in whatever order makes your request the clearest (not necessarily in the order in which they are listed here).

Need help? The Foundation Center provides free resources for grant writing.

UW Farm Pizza Bake!

Come celebrate the beginning of spring with the UW Farm! Make your own pizza, witness it getting baked in the farm's very own cob oven, and enjoy a delicious meal with friends from the UW Farm community. Bringing a topping to share is encouraged. More info here.

UW Biodiesel Cooperative

One of the most difficult challenges in establishing this project was finding an appropriate space for its location on campus. Since the inception of the Cooperative in December 2010, we have received unanimous support from various organizations on campus including Housing and Food Services, ASUW, and the College of Engineering, among others. Unfortunately, these organizations could not support us with the financial means of obtaining a lab space on campus that was up to fire and safety code.