Thursday, July 25, 2019

The Campus Sustainability Fund has completed its allocations for the 2018-2019 academic year. The CSF received 80 proposals for Projects, Mini-grants, and Seed Grants. The total request at the Letter of Intent phase was nearly $800,000. The CSF awarded a total of $486,394 to 47 total projects: 13 projects larger than $1000, 18 Mini-grants, and 15 Seed Grants. Student Technology Fee (STF) funding awarded to the CSF helped partially or fully fund 5 projects, totalling $200,000. This is the largest number of projects the CSF has funded yet. Since 2010, the CSF has awarded more than $3 million to 183 projects.

The upcoming Fall Funding Cycle ’s Letter of Intent is due September 1st. For more information, visit deadlines page.

Below is the list of 2018-19 projects:

Funding Cycle 3: Funded June 2019 

3D Bin Displays: $2,412

Kinetic Light-up Crosswalks: Phase 1: $28,100

Ethnoforestry: Applying and integrating a new model of ecosystem sustainability on campus:$48,694

Native Gardens at UW Farm: $14,405

Presence: $3,039

Reusable Containers in Dining Hall: $40,000 (STF)

Grounds Electric Bikes: TBD, ($107, 584 tentatively) (Partial STF)

Grounds Compost Budget Amendment: (Grinder Funding): $3,811

Funding Cycle 2:Funded March 2019 

Africa Now 2019 Conference: $13,200

Vocal Theater Works Principle: Hydrogen Jukebox:  $6,000

Funding Cycle 1: Funded December 2018

Life Sciences Building Rooftop Solar Array- Supplementary: $100,000 (STF)

University of Washington Precious Plastics: $20,796 (Partial STF) 

Electric Mailbike Budget Amendment (Repair Lift Funding): $3,100


Rebound: The Bounce Back Used Notebooks Deserve: $405

Black Student Union Legacy Soiree: $1,000

TEDxUofW: $1,000

Creating a Sustainable Night Market: $1,000

Double DIP Conference: $1,000

2019 Global Leadership Summit: $840

A Green New Deal: Panel Discussion: $750

Creating a Sustainable Night Market: $1,000

Eat Local Seattle Food Fair: $1,000

Habitat Snags Outreach: Increasing the Urban Forest Health on Campus: $1,000

Healthy building certification for the UW Tower – education and demonstration :$999

Khmer New Years Show 2019: $560

Native Greenroof Sculpture: $775

Pac-12 Sustainability Conference Student Registration Funding: $490

Steam Condensate Reclamation - Feasibility Study: $400

Taiko Kai Spring Concert: $500

Resilience Seed Grants: Funded June 2019

Diversity Include Disability: $2,390

QTPOC Healing in the Outdoors: $2,000

Capillaries: The Journal of Narrative Medicine: $750

Many Voices: A Storytelling Toolkit for Community-based Oral History Projects: $1,675

Mapping for the Wellbeing of UW: $750 

Resilience and Urban Sustainability in Public Writing Partnerships: $3,000

Neah Bay Telling Our Stories: Imagining Our Futures: $3,000

RepairCycle: $3,000

A Retreat to Build Faculty Capacity for Mindful Leadership: $2,999

Women in Applied Mathematics Mentorship Program: $1,400

Indigenizing Urban Seattle Podcast: $861

Resilience and Compassion @ Odegaard Pop-Up Events: $700

Healing spaces heat map: $750

eBook of the stories and experiences of students of color at UW: $1,450

Trauma informed mindfulness training: $1,100

Self-compassion workshop pilot for first year students who are also parents: $1,500