ASUW senate approves Real Food resolution

The ASUW Student Senate passed a resolution in support of the UW dedicating 25 percent of its food purchases to Real Food, or food that is fairly produced (from farm to table,) by 2020, with an annual one percent increase.

The Real Food Challenge (RFC) is a national campaign that encourages universities to purchase Real Food. To be considered Real Food by RFC standards, food items must fulfill at least one of the following criteria: local and community-based, fair, ecologically sound, and humane.

ReThink prepares for its first UW Resilience Summit

A trip to Israel sparked a UW student's dream to leave a mark on the enviroment.

"There was a full moon, a massive brilliant orb, and stars everywhere,” said Will Fantle, co-creator of ReThink, a UW club focused on business sustainability. “They took us out in silence and told us to go find a spot in the desert. We sat out there for what felt like hours. I just lay there looking up at the stars thinking about what I wanted to do with my life."

CSF Celebrates Earth Day

Thanks to all who participated in Earth Week with the CSF last week! Thanks for stopping by our table, decorating our tiles, braving the rain during the bike tour, and tackling some crazy English ivy at the restoration site. The tiles that you decorated for the UW Biodiesel Cooperative will become a part of their new lab space to be constructed early next academic year. We also would like to congratulate our Vice Chair, Natalie Gray, and service learning student volunteer Tali Haller for both receiving a Husky Green Award!

Students make progress restoring area near PACCAR Hall

The CSF partnered with the Society for Ecological Restoration (SER) - UW Chapter last week to start restoring a brand new site on campus. Just north of PACCAR Hall last Friday, a crew of undergraduates, Master's, and PhD students gathered to tackle a blanket of invasive species overtaking the campus grounds. A lot of progress was made, and we had tons of fun! Thanks SER for organizing this event!

Earth Day is April 22nd!

Earth Day celebrations will take place on Red Square on April 22, along with other events throughout the week. There will be student organizations, UW departments, sustainable food vendors and other organizations sharing how they work toward environmental and sustainability goals. Discover initiatives happening at UW and learn what you can do to help. There will also be music, speakers and the Husky Green Award announcements as well as the exhibitors.

Work begins at Manastash Ridge Observatory

CSF-funded project "Conservation and Sustainability at Manastash Ridge Observatory: Planning For the Next Forty Years" began to prepare for the changes that will be added and installed to the observatory in the future. So far, the team has removed old light fixtures to prepare for a higher efficiency, newer, and safer set up, and new toilets have been installed that increase effi­ciency from 3.5 gal/flush (mea­sured) to 1.28gal/flush. The old kitchen was also removed to anticipate the new water catchment system going in (pictured below).